As I scrambled to haul all the garbage out this morning, fighting my persistent ankle swelling, Tito sat by me every time I stay still more than two minutes. Tito usually prefer to enjoy his time by himself in his own manner, so I knew something is going on.

When I put one last bag out just in time for the truck to haul them away, I found Tito by my bedroom door, so I let him inside so he can have private moments. Maybe he was overwhelmed by the kittens; maybe Big Sister who runs back and forth playing annoys him, maybe he just wants a quiet lazy day.

The longer he lays down on my bed, however, the colder his body temperature; and as day passed on to the afternoon, the paler he became.

When he has his mechanical meltdown like this, he never refuse my treatment, but today, he does. Whatever I try to do, he rejects it. He just keep going back to lie on my pillow and asked to be left alone.

About fourteen months ago, after going missing for two weeks, Tito came back to his home with huge belly full of fluid.

That same night, a vet took him away and drained two liters (half a gallon) of fluid out of his body cavity.

For fourteen months after, Tito stays with us because there is no way his financially strapped family could afford treatment for FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis).

All they can grasp in their mind, is that Tito has incurable cancer-like disease that cannot be cured. All they can understand is that Tito will eventually die. Sooner and maybe more violent without treatment, but later and might be chance with treatment. They cannot choose both, and they cannot choose the better, so all they can do is wishing him the best.

The change in diet, meticulous treatments and living in guarded environment turned Tito for the better. For one year he has not accumulated any fluid, and he lives practically normal life.

But something borrowed has to be returned.

This evening I will bring Tito back to see his family, so that when the angel come to give him his wings, there will be no regrets.

If tomorrow is another day, we will celebrate life like never before.

If tomorrow is the day, we will feast in gratitude upon all the gifts of life that universe have so abundantly grant us, and especially the chance that Tito has been given. He has been a sick orphan, and his family had no intention of adopting a cat, but they welcome him. He can only be raised as an indoor-outdoor cat surrounded by all the filth of the market, but he grows into a 14 lbs cat as handsome as those living in the throne of middle class pet.

He has been incarcerated by the virus without any possibility of parole, but he live his life to the fullest and none the less.

Tito ran a good race. If it’s time for him to come home, let him go in style of his own choosing.

But let there be no silence. Let there be confetti. Let there be ovation, cheers, joy. Let there be gladness and gratitude.

Then, let there be glory.

~ Josie


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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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