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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, we are back with a TWS TV newsflash.

The half spayed girl known as Sassy had gradually grown several bumps on her tummy. The biggest bump is about the size of a grape, and the smallest one the size of mung bean. She didn’t seem to be in discomfort, however, incomplete spaying may increase the susceptibility to life threatening mammary gland tumours, so although I knew I didn’t have enough funds to pay for it, I contacted my kitty ambulance vet to have Sassy checked and if possible, re-spayed.
Sassy stays for a few days with the vet, and return home with a bad hangover. She was arrested and detained last night following her crashing onto counter cabinet, but was released today on bail.

Along with Sassy, the little baby with raw tail went for a checkup. The vet understands that the tail has to be removed before something sinister comes along. I told the vet bluntly that I am in financial crisis at the moment following Blossom’s $700 treatment scandal and that I do not have money to pay for it, but if possible please grant clemency. The vet took her and is currently attempting to stabilize and strengthen her before she goes on to surgery.

We are appealing to the public to please lend a little bit of hand in the form of prayers and donations to give our brave girl her chance.

War broke out after storm troopers of candidasis, fleas, ticks, and ear mites attacked the Prince of Persia. The alliance of vets and caretaker have gone full force to restore peace and order, however, the force is strong. Temporary peace deal has been reached by last night,
However, casualities are high on the sides of the dark force. It is no less grave on the alliance’s side as the Jedi crossed to the other side and now become Black Yoda.

Reporting live from hillside Bandung, I am Josie, Whiskers TV.

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