If only we met the challenge by weekend, I would have been able to send them off to the vet tonight.

If only they came earlier, it would probably cost less, but we barely made it alive too last week.

If only they weren’t born there, they would probably be all right.

Maybe not, maybe even worse, who knows.

But if only they weren’t born there, the young man wouldn’t have gone searching and found The Whiskers’ Syndicate.

I thought, he was some sort of tourist, reading his Indonesian (and English), or expat, at least. I had thought him to be American, by the lack of salutation and respectfulness. He wrote as if he is writing a comment on an article in CNN, or Fox News, or Daily Mail.

I was out for medical equipment when his email popped, and his place happened to be nearby. I didn’t feel like adding more cats at the moment, because we have four terminal kitties right now. Spots seems to have FIP dry; the more time passed, the more his symptoms are like Wizard. He has a blood test already, but the result haven’t come out. Artemis has leukemia, Isaac Newton and his Chronic Calicivirus.

If only he hasn’t detailed that the “cats” he was writing about are three kittens, two of them with grave physical injuries.

If only he didn’t explain that his mother has adverse allergies to cats.

If only he didn’t take his chance, trapping the three kittens while his mother is abroad.

If only his email came just few minutes later, it would have been a different story.

It turned out he was still in high school. His mother was a foreigner, and his father Indonesian, looking at his name. He lives near the Bandung air force base, and all the hours he waited anxiously while keep sending me emails until I can break free of the horrible traffic jam, he was sitting by a large diaper’s box with various sizes of holes, most of them larger than the kitten.

It was so funny watching him put one kitten inside, get another to come back to the one inside slipped out through the holes.

One of them had broken her leg; looking at his sister’s condition, he probably got it stuck to some machine, car perhaps, jack it off, and tore it down. It healed badly without treatment. There is no sense of that leg from knee down, and he dragged it everywhere like it was some sort of body accessories. He walks like nothing happened, he stand by the curl of his paw, and he lives as if life is the way he always knows it.

If only he knew.

His sister got her tail stuck, jack it off, and torn the skin away. It was raw, and the puncture wound in the middle of her long tail exude pus all the time. She protect it like her life, and forbid any creature to touch it. Of course, it must be painful.

If only she knew I was trying to help, she wouldn’t have screamed and bit and scratched me, but she is only a few months old and she is a cat. It was such a struggle keeping her put while I clean her tail, but I had to do it or infection will spread, if not already.

I knew it that they both must be amputated. One by his leg, and the other by her tail. Those limbs have no more use of them.

If only I knew what they have been eating, because they have serious GI problems, even after deworming, antibiotics, and numerous fecal testing.

But I have just been hit with $700 bill for Blossom. I have spent all my money for Spots and Artemis. I have to pay mortgage. I have to save for the cleaner’s salary, I have to pay bills.

I have to make up for what the donations can’t make, so everyone can still eat.

If only money grow on trees.

And come the offer for the matching challenge. We have a little bit of fund raised already, so if we reach the goal, I will have some extra that can pay for their treatment, no matter how small.

If only.

But these kittens knew they are not the same, and they still live the way they know it. These kittens knew it’s not supposed to be that way, perhaps, but they go for it anyway.

They fight anyway.

They live anyway.

So I try anyway.

~ Josie


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