This tour was supposed to come at the end of my 1001 series, but I have to get Spots to the vet this morning (he is nose bleeding), so I hope this tiny tour will entertain you during my absence.

Here is the center of our universe. It started a big bang when neighbor’s bathroom is leaking into it and start the whole new galaxy of renovations, as well as the black hole that suck all money and destroy countless things. If you wonder why the first photo looked bent, it’s because I want to capture the whole room in one photo, so it’s 360 degrees panoramic. You have to click on it to see the whole picture.

Starting the tour, on the left hand side is a salvaged bracket and steel baskets, repainted, and mounted to hold all the cats’ supplements. On the top are the oils. Olive, sesame, and virgin coconut oil. Next in line are the Omegas and friends. Third row will be multivitamins.

Right below are the honeys. Lavender honey to help calming down stressed cats, Manuka Honey (damn expensive!!) for cats with FIP, tumor, cancer, cyst and whatever terminal disease they have. We also have regular honey, and a jar of black honey to have once a week. Black honey is harvested from the virgin rain forest of the islands of Maluku (west people call the islands The Mollucas) using traditional method with hand by our Baduy tribesmen. It’s not sweet though, it’s bitter (ever tasted Metronidazole?), but its detox power is unlike any other.

The lower tier holds disinfectants and cleaner.

Next is the door to laundry room (there will be another tour for that), and next to the door is our chest freezer and it’s loyal guard the exotic Artemis.
He looks like Jiji from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service (Google it, it’s not at all gory or scary). There’s this joke by local rescuer that since I am selling online and sometimes deliver goods myself, they would see us at night, on a flying broom (Kiki is a witch), dropping off orders.

By the corner where the pots and pans are (and sometimes sleeping kittens inside), is our kitchen counter (and yes, that magnanimous cooker) I bought a secondhand door, cut the hinges and the edges, cut a hole in the middle and treated it myself. It took me the whole week, no thanks to the abundant rain around here. When it’s all good, I mounted the ex-door on a customizeable heavy duty wire rack, and we have our kitchen counter. I have long dreamed of an HOB stove because it’s easy to clean, more cat safe and because it won’t easily rust due to sprinkles of oils, water and cat urine. So it totally made my day when Ace Hardware rewarded me with a brand new HOB stove as part of their loyalty program. I use the money for the HOB to buy the hood.

Kittens in particular seem to love the little friends by the stove and they always keep those company at night, so I leave them there (instead of keeping them in my studio)

Next, by the other corner, is where I store the bowls, the plates, and the cups.

And then we have the fridge. I bought it after I was hospitalized back in 2009 so I won’t have to buy groceries at night (and often under the rain). It follows me from one rent to the other, up and down the stairs and trucks, turned over, dragged etc, and it never, ever, ever fail. It used to have fifty-fifty, but now it holds 90% cats stuffs and 10% my own.

On top of the fridge is a microwave so I won’t be tempted (or forced) to eat in a stall by the roadside on top of the sewer. Just between you and I, sometimes I use it as a safe for my chocolate chips cookies.

Next is our water dispenser, for hot water bottles, more often than that, warm kitty milk, ready whenever the need arise. The white bucket above it stores eggs (because I use the fridge’s eggs tray to store antibiotics), and the green one stores potatoes. Next to it as the label suggests is Psyllium Husk.

There has been some discussion about me using Psyllium Husk. It’s seed, not grain. It has a lot of fiber, and for human Husk is beneficial for colon health and is very popular for Keto Diet. When cooked, however, it has nutritional value, it has no taste, and it is passed fully with stool.

Psyllium Husk will trap hairball and pass them out with the stool, that is one thing. The more important thing, however, is that the mobsters are used to eat dry kibbles for years and years. They used to eat a lot, and some develop the habit of snacking. Now that I make my own food (80-90% meat, 10-20% fruits and vegetables), they supposed to (and majority) eat normally, but some others are still hungry even though they eat enough amount of food. I use Psyllium husk to help them feel full, and gradually reduce the amount of Husk I use, and I don’t use Husk every day.

The blue container on the next shelves is full with hot chocolate mix (organic), gratefully received from Christine Stewart. In the front rows are the spices, and the three, white, mini milk containers each hold cinnamon, anise, and cloves. All for sniffles and snorts. Lavender honey and cinnamon help unwind tense cat nerves.

What is that red owl peeking from the back, you asked? It’s our future. Every end of the day, I will put all my coins and small changes in there, and when it’s full I will bring it to the bank and buy mutual fund. It’s not much, and it’s not even 401K, but it’s better than nothing.

Between the owl and the spices are cans of Ziwi Peak, 90% real meat, grain free, canned food. Fresh from New Zealand, transit in Perth and Singapore, and landed with Susan.

Right below is a jar of oat for the cats, and my water bottles (and cat toy. They love to roll it on the ground and play with the tag).

The white containers are where the cat’s medicines are stored. Antibiotics, injections, syringes, needles, and flea drops. The red balls on top of it are catnip strawberries, a gift from a kind lady in Perth, also via Susan.

Below those you can see the whole basket of milk, and a box of not-guilty pleasure snacks from Christine’s California. Perfect munching companion during my commute.

At the bottom of the shelves are where I keep my tools; hammers, screwdrivers, nails, screws, bulbs, tapes, batteries… that sort of thing. If Julia or Bandit is suddenly missing, and won’t come even when you strain your throat calling them, don’t forget to look in that red container.

To end our tour is a box of Ringer fluid, freshly delivered before I left, and made possible by your donation.

Talking about donation, we raised USD 450 to date; USD 150 to reach our goal! It means just 15 people donated USD 10, and the cats can live another week.

We don’t have a lot of money. We will never compete against the many Humane Societies and SPCAs around the world. We will never reach all those shelters on Animal Planet or Discovery Channel. We will never be able to stand against Best Friend. We are only one. Yet as much as I can, I hold The Whiskers’ Syndicate in high standard with the cats’ best interest above all else.

Will you help me uphold the love?

~ Josie


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