1001 NIGHTS (2)

How do I fit one adult cat in a mini backpack? My tablet doesn’t even fit that.
But the hotel I am staying is quite nearby a secondhand market that took up the street around the corner every Friday.

So I locked the cat inside and walked out of the hotel like any casual sleepovers; looking here and there from one end to the other in the secondhand market, and brought back a used travel bag enough for two cats.

The little lady slipped out of my room when I opened the door and walked away in the direction toward front office.

I followed her, but it felt weird. It’s as if she was deliberately leading me.

I made a sudden U turn and walked back to my room, and she followed me, calling, but I know it was not the correct direction.

She followed me back to my room, and watched me sat by the corner of the bed, counting.

One, two, three, four… mew

She was like “Gasp!”

I smiled.

I followed the little mews, and arrived to the roof.

The roof with no balcony, no safety fence, and a tiny black and white kitten a little bit to the right, all the way almost to the top, with both eyes shut with pus.

Oh yes, it’s Lent. Didn’t the devil challenge Jesus to jump from such height and have the angels hold Him up?

I can bet my neck no one will fly to the air and hold me up when I fall, much less when they know I am falling for a little kitten.

I climb anyway, though. A few feet up, but it felt like Mount Everest to me.

Went down without any disaster, no ruckus, I just commanded my clacking knees to climb down the stairs and into my room. The lady cat kept following me anxiously, though she let me clean the baby’s eyes, and let her finish all the Whiskas he can manage to eat.

“So you made yourself a diversion and get rid of potential intruder when you are cliffhanging for your baby ey, mama?”

Her round, periscope eyes stared straight.

Story been told that I called a taxi, and made my way home.

Story been told that the mother settled at the corner of my living room, perking here and there every now and then like periscope.

The kitten made herself at home.

~ Josie



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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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