This post is a very personal one for me. It was just about a year ago, maybe not this exact day, but certainly this week, that serendipity brought me to The Whiskers Syndicate page, where I would come to form a friendship with Josie, one which I treasure beyond words.

Now, I’m a coward. I donate to animal charities, but I will almost always scroll past animal stories, because I can’t bare reading about things that have already happened and that I’m powerless to stop. So I donate and shut my eyes.

This day was different. I saw the story of Tarmac. It’s a cat name that has significance for me. On top of that, Josie’s writing drew me in. I read the story of this beautiful boy, and though it didn’t the ending we would have wished, he was with Josie. He wasn’t alone, and more, he was loved. I was grateful to her for that.

I felt at the time (and now I know) that she couldn’t write the way she does about cats, no one could, unless they had a deep, true, pure love for them. I know she does. Josie has sacrificed her own well being for them, time and again. On that day, I decided that if Josie could live it, I could read it.

I read another of her stories, and another. Bit by bit, her words drew me in, like one of the cats she helps. At first I just “Liked” a post or two, then I’d comment here and there, and was so pleased when she replied. I read about Melli who made Honey; about Bloody Mary and others; about the street cats she knows as friends; I saw the first days of her visits to the colony. Even now, I still watch the clock when I know she’ll be there, and when I see that she’s checked in at TWS I wait to hear how everyone is.

Josie doesn’t just help cats, she helps me, too. My life has changed for the better for TWS being part of it, and it has helped my soul. I can’t call myself a rescuer, but I have a better understanding now of what you all go through and what you do. I’m grateful to you every single day.

One of TWS kind supporters (Sarah Trible) said recently in a response to one of Josie’s posts “Maybe I can’t save them all, but I can sure try.” You bet we can. And try we will.



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