We have a rare luck coming in January. Happy Cat, a German brand that I use in exchange of home made food for the cats whenever I have to stay out of the house the whole day, had this event in which every customer who purchased IDR 200,000+ will have a chance to enter one cat for a free spay and neuter. Every month there will be two winners, total 12 winners until June.

I bought IDR 400,000 and bet on my two cats, and both cats won.

The appointment is the 2nd of February. Happy Cat determined the vet, and it happened to be my former traveling vet. She is currently working as a resident vet in the pet shop’s small clinic.

I will bring Malaya and the Abyssinian-like mama cat.

As I prepared the carriers for the next day travel, I found out that the little B/W kitty from the other day had a lump as big as a marble under his chin. It wasn’t there the day before, and another vet told me that if the lump popped out of nowhere overnight, it is usually an infection.

Sure, I’d choose abscess with pus than tumor, or cancer, or anything deadly.

So I thought I’d just bring him along, just to be sure.

Getting the largest pet cargo out of the house to be washed, 2 am in the morning, another kitten was crying in pain as he walked toward our fence from across the street, limping with its three legs.

Obviously, I opened the door for him to stay. I am not really convinced that the vet will handle the two kittens well (she misdiagnosed twice before in favor of her new age veterinarianship) but there won’t be enough time and a lot of awkwardness if I just dropped by the two missus and bring the kittens elsewhere.

Well, at least I will get a clue.

I called a taxi in the morning and brought all four cats downtown to the clinic, praying to God to calm Malaya and the Abyssinian-like mama to calm down (they are screamers).

My prayers were never heard before, so it’s not surprising that it was not heard that morning. Malaya and the other mother just meow and meow and meow and meow – they got into the driver’s nerves. It is my duty to keep them calm so the driver can concentrate but even I almost lost my nerves trying.

I arrived at the clinic at 11 am, and was immediately told that the vet had other clients and will be coming at 2 pm.


I left the cats at the clinic and get myself some food. I had completely forgotten that it was Friday and that everything took a break from 11 am to 1 pm for Islam prayers and every single diner were packed with chattering females and there was no space for me everywhere. I ended up just ordering whatever is available and eat while standing in the corner.

No problem. I need to get back to the cats soon before someone tried to strangle them because they just won’t shut up.

Abyssinian-like mother went smooth. Super smooth. I hope it’s not a bad omen.

Malaya had a cyst. It’s down below and hard to reach and she was so worked up she wakes up in the middle of the surgery. The vet adds Ketamine to the maximum allowed dose, but she just kept waking up.

We had to choose between leaving the cyst there and get done with the spaying, or overdose and she failed to resuscitate.

She has two babies, both had learned how to eat but both still nursing and Malaya hasn’t weaned them yet although her milk is running out.

I choose to leave the cyst there and opt for the bulk of medicine to remove it.

Next come the B/W cutie. Yes he has infection, no we had no clue how that can happen. The vet suggested I just use herbal remedy, I refused and asked for the abscess to be cut because the kitten can’t eat and I only had him for two days. I didn’t know how good or bad is his immune if left to its own, so I asked that the infection be removed.

Poking the abscess with small syringe needle produce nothing. The pus was very thick and it’s green. The vet pulled the scalpel and slash it open.

One teaspoon of green, thick, smelly pus, but the kitten was curling his tail and turn around in circle happily when his chin was liberated. He ended up with two teeny stitches across his cheek.

Oh well, maybe that will make him look macho instead of cute.

The new kitten had a broken leg. One just below its shoulder, the other by the joint near the paw. He is emaciated, underweight, malnourished, parasite.

And he has Chlamydia.

He won’t survive a surgery.

The highway was to put the kitten out of his misery; but he risked his life limping with three legs across the street to get to my fence. From his croaky voice, he must have been crying the whole day, asking for help. From the look in his eyes, he must have been pushed away so many times. I was probably the only one left out in the open at odd hour of the day and his last chance.

After all those, I choose to give up?

The vet told me to make him a shirt from socks, with just one leg cut out to help him hold his leg together while he and I fight his long untreated Chlamydia. First he has to overcome the persistent bacteria, second he has to regain enough of his weight and immune system to withstand the surgery, third he had to keep up the good fight and survive the fate of his leg because anything can happen throughout first and second.

God, wow. I have heard of the road less traveled, but this one stretches far beyond.

When I was about to go home, it rains.

So we wait, and I knew it then I won’t have time to cook for the cats. So I bought cat food.

I drove the cats back as soon as the rain stops, and jump back out for the colony.

I got home late, and guess what?

The whole house is dirty. Things pushed off the counter, cooker broken into, cats peed and pooed on my things as a punishment for late dinner.

Two babies sat by my foot. Their mother had been brutalized to bloody pulp and they only have me to care for them now, although they will follow others tumbling down the garbage and eat rubbish when I am home late.

It gave their immature system enough reason for routine diarrhea.

Yet I cannot lock them up in my studio because they learn how to climb and play on the windowsill, with printer below them on one side and three metres free-fall the other side.

I am fine with the printer, not fine with the other side.

It was 11:20 pm.

Oh well.

I took a deep breath, clean the litter box, pick up all token of vengeance left on the floor, and give the sick ones medicine.

There will be tons of prescription ready to drain my wallet in about eight hours, and weekend has just begun.

I put baby food heavily sprinkled with goat’s milk and put it in the new kitten’s carrier. I went away and came back with a syringe and saw him sitting and eating on his own.


Franklin stood there holding his kite, pushing his luck, and the thunder strike.

He walked the mountain with broken leg, pushing his luck, and find the last person.

I’ll take my chances, push my luck, and who knows, behind that road untraveled, not rain, but a rainbow.

~ Josie

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