So, here I am, finally, at the end of everything. It’s past eleven and soon the day will change, yet I have not yet produced anything for The Whiskers’ Syndicate page.

It’s a heavy burden for me, because I know full well that if I did not show up, whatever the reason, people will stop coming.

Although, the appointment with ophthalmologist, followed by the refractonists too the whole day, that at the end I can only go from one place to the other without any chance to sit and type.

Although, just when I got home and ready to post, my laptop had problems, and the next day that came in few hours then, I have to take it toa repair shop, because this laptop, although starting to show it’s age, is my tool of trade; my laptop is the window of hope for me and foremost, for the cats.

Although my computer ended up to stay over two nights.

Although I have not been sleeping properly longer than three hours these past four days, although I was being chased by ticking clock and things that amassed into a mountain of chores during my absence.

Although many have reprimanded me and reminding me now and again to take proper care of myself, I spent not a single moment away from my intention to post my stories.

Still, the fact is, I am not as young as I used to be anymore. The Whiskers’ Syndicate is not only thirty cats anymore, and as much as try to do my best, I know that I am already stretching too thin

My superior sent me home when, for the gazillion time, I bump into the shelves as I walk but this time, I bumped into the plastic container shelves so hard everything fell off to the floor. The grateful thing is, those are plastic. What would happen if I bumped onto a glass homeware shelf?

I still keep my job, but it will not be long if I don’t pull over and let my horsepower cool down.

So, here I am, finally, accepting that I won’t be posting today. There are chances that people will leave us. There are chances that Whiskers’ Syndicate’s page will drown into oblivion, there are chances that, we will miss our fundraising goal again, after breathing for just one week.

But there are also chances that some of our family and friends will stay, and as small in number as they are, time and again, we move mountains together. There are chances that some will understand that I need this break, even for just one day, because these past seven days is so jam packed don’t know what I ate three hours ago, or whether I ate or not, whether I drink or not.

There are chances that those who understand would stay and help, even if it is just one share, one comment, one heart, ten Dollars donation.

So, here I am, finally, leaving Whiskers’ Syndicate life and soul to all of you. We have USD 255 on Thursday today, a very long way to go, but last week, we were USD 200 short and we made it just in time, because friends just keep lifting us up and at least three persons share means donation.

So, here I am, finally, doing my best even it it means I let go for this one night, so that I can do better tomorrow. Doing my best by entrusting the lives of 90 cats and more in the power of your love.

Because love triumph.

˜ Josie

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