It’s been slow days at the usually busy The Whiskers’ Syndicate, since Julia caught the bug and got stuffy nose.

If you haven’t noticed, Julia was named after Pretty Woman, an old movie where a (pretty) woman made a wrong turn, but found the right man.

Last year, in the hey day near the end of Ramadhan, four months old Julia was terrified by crazy traffic and tons of people jamming the street, and tried to run away for a safer place.

She found the right (hu)man. I had just finished my shift and was waiting for my ride. I saw her run in panic into the supermarket and scooped her up before someone saw a dirty kitten run helter skelter through the aisles and made an unnecessary commotion.

Julia is all grown up now. She is still pretty, though unlike her namesake, she was fixed and will stay virgin forever.

Like her namesake, she usually minds her own business, but when she is sick, like now, she went from an independent suffragette into a spoiled little baby. She will follow me everywhere, criss-crossing all my steps and nagging me until I carry her around, let her curl up on my lap, or hug my arms while she sleeps.

She wants specially prepared food (and won’t eat if she found out it’s the same as everyone else), she wants special milk mixed with yogurt, and she wants my leg for herself. She has no qualms of kicking kittens and even babies away if they try to snuggle the perimeter.

So either I stopped everything midway to let her hug my calf and wait until she sleeps sound enough for me to slip off (with babies, of course) or have a bunch of kittens (and other cats) with red noses from a blue lady.

Thank God for a timely donation of supplements and immune booster, kind donors sponsoring matching challenge, and everyone chipping in, I will be able to pay for antibiotics and nebulizer solution which I otherwise cannot afford. We have been missing our fund raising goal every single week from the start of the year, so breath is a little bit short and belt has been tight for the whole three weeks.

Hopefully this week the tide will turn in our favor and wind will finally set our sail again so that Julia can continue to be better.

~ Josie


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