These four beauties just got home from the vet this morning at wee 12:03 am. With grant from Rikki’s Refuge, we finally have enough funds to spay our lovely big brother Kaka and feisty Fatima. I decided on that name eventually, because she was found dying in front of the mosque the last Friday before new year, after Islam’s mandatory praying time. I am a Catholic and Fatima holds special meaning because it is the place the Virgin Mary made her appearance to three children – Lúcia Santos and her cousins Francisco and Jacinta Marto – so the name has good meaning on the mosque side and the church’s side.

While Fatima jump right off sedation and running to a warm, soupy dinner I made her, Kaka took the whole night but he is all new now.

I was cleaning the carrier for Lala, but Miss Kitty walked right in, so I locked the door behind her and she went off for spaying as well. Both Kaka and Miss Kitty away means the kittens don’t have big brother and big sister to care for them when I am running around, but I just live with it, because spaying and neutering is good for them.

Unfortunately, Miss Kitty didn’t take it very well. She was weak and she has difficulty waking up from sedation. I stayed up all night to make sure she is warm and comfortable, and prevent her from slipping away in her sleep.

Miss Kitty is better now. She is awake and responsive, but still very weak. I need to keep her warm and well watched, but I have the vet on fast response if anything happened. Will you all join me and pray for her?

A few days ago, Lala was with her mother alone and they were spending time together before her mother left for a business trip and Lala stayed with us. We were blasted by a rain storm that damaged many roofs and flew a lot of things (one good chunk of neighbor’s canopy fell on us). Part of Lala’s house has her roof blown off and in her panic, Lala probably stepped on something.

We were all caught by surprise with the storm and since Lala didn’t show anything different, she went to stay with us. However, I found out that she constantly licking her left hind leg and that it’s getting bigger and bigger.

So, Lala went to the vet as well.

Turned out it’s a brewing abscess and it’s frothing fast so we had to cut her leg open and suck all the pus out. Lala ended up with quite some stitches but she is now jumping everywhere like nothing happened.

When dust settled down and I have room to breathe (and especially when Miss Kitty is better), Miss Nellie that Kerry named will be off for spay, along with Ginger’s mama who will need fluid extracted from her belly. Ginger’s mama has FIP wet, but you all help her slow down her FIP by sending her the good, expensive manuka honey. It will be the first time she will have extraction again in six months and the vet said it’s very good!

Thank you again Rikki’s Refuge for helping us saving these precious babies and give them the chance they would otherwise can’t get.

If you like what we are doing, and would like us to do more, please love our post and consider buying us a can of cat food by clicking link down below. All PayPal fee are on us.

~ Josie



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