Down the stairs to have a peep. She thought that I was tucked up in my bedroom, fast asleep.

And so I caught her by surprise when I jumped and lunged at her on the balcony, grabbed her, held her tight and brought her home.

It’s so happened that one of the community authority, also a bachelor of Psychology like me, saw what I did with the community cats in our cluster. She was the only one who ever saw me out late at night snatching and kidnapping neighborhood cats from irresponsible owners, fix them, and return them back home. She saw how the population of the cats in our cluster is now under control, less litter, less garbage, less sickness, less death, and happier people.

It’s so happened that after watching me treat the cat, and how I appeared to be a “cat whisperer” she noticed that I made no magic. I just apply the principles of psychology that we both learned in university to the cats; she is curious in trying the tricks herself, and won the heart of several strays whom she feeds every morning outside of her fence.

And since she is one of the authority, no one dared to remove the cats.

It’s so happened, then, that she eventually adopted a cat. Not from me, but a relative who was about to dump theirs, because Lala the cat keeps yowling at night and they can’t sleep.

She brought Lala to me to be fixed and refused to return Lala to her former home when the owner wanted her back because she no longer yowls.

It’s so happened that last Ramadhan, when she had to travel home, Lala stayed with us and she loves it here.

It’s so happened that she has to fly to Vietnam with her husband for business for a couple of days, while her children is still in boarding school.

So Lala stays with us again.

It’s just so happened that when I was cleaning her bed, the builders turned a tile cutter on, the loud sound scared the bejeebers out of her, and she bolted out through the roof.

So instead of focusing on the renovation, I saw here and there to see if someone has been kissing underneath the mistletoe.

Lala knows her way around the cluster, and her home is just at the other end of the cluster, less than one kilometer away, so my best bet was that she hides in her own home.

I whatsapp my neighbor to explain what happened, apologized, and ask for her permission to climb her fence.

What a laugh it has been when my neighbor heard my story.

She gave me the combination of her lock instead.

Lala was so happy when I held her; she was all over my face.

So the security saw me tickle a neighbor’s cat underneath her beard so black; as we walked back home, under one showery night.

~ Josie

“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” is a Christmas song with music and lyrics by British songwriter Tommie Connor. The original recording by Jimmy Boyd, recorded on July 15, 1952 when he was 13 years old.


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