Three little kittens were stranded on the park by the colony during windstorm a few days ago. One is a white short hair with yellow spot. One is a brown classic tabby, the other one is a calico.

The white with yellow spots froze in the middle of the park and went home with me.

The brown tabby ran in panic like a speeding bullet, and I am still looking for him/her several times during the day, and I leave food on the points where I always seen her.

The calico kitten went a separate way and has been criss-crossing the road looking for her siblings. I have almost got her three times, but incoming traffic or obnoxious onlookers prevented us. Last time I spotted her, she was hiding under thorny bushes and my arm is too big to reach her.

During and after the time Bingbing had her seizures, Kaka stays by her side, so when the two fell asleep, I went to the park again to check on the colony.

The calico baby is now with Fuuta.

She is still afraid, but she let me stay right next to her as long as I don’t make any movement when she eats and until she is back under the trees while waiting for Fuuta to finish his meal.

It will take a little bit more time for her to trust me and let me touch her, but at least I know she is in a good company.

~ Josie


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