More and more people have been asking me about our new cleaning guy, so I thought I’d share about it a little bit.

He is doing a great job. I mean, my front yard has mold, and fungus, and whatever shrubs sprouting from all the cracks. I have persistent stains on the grout, the walls are ugly black. He scrub them all so clean, I can now have picnic on my yard with the box kittens, Spots and Tabby. Theoden prefers to go out there and sunning somewhere, though he did overcome his pride and come join us for the many treats he never seen the rest of his life.

I was talking to our guy about buying a shelf to stow away all the gardening tools, fish food, fertilizers and everything, and the next midnight, spherical Cali bounced up and down my overburdened book shelves and it completely buckled in the middle. I drag the shelf out of the house at midnight. Hanshin helped me show where the damage was in the picture.

When our guy came, he saw the shelf, turn it around, cleaned it up, and when I came home from the market with tuna, he managed to hit some nail into the corner of the yard, and tied the shelf to the wall to keep it standing.

He got his storage shelf.

A few days of nifty world record seemed to puff his head a little bit, and he thinks he is already an expert on The Cat House on The Hills (pun intended) and started to do things on his own accord.

The next day he came to me with a bunch of roadside plants and told me he wants to re-fill the planters by the corner. I told him that all those planters cracked and that dirt will come out of the crack during the rain and the whole place will be dirty. He also want to re-fill two planters on the other side. I also disagree because my bike is right below it and all the water will fall over my bike. He nodded. I told him I have ordered new planters along some hardware to fix the kitchen and the cattery and they will be delivered on Tuesday. I gave him other work to do (scrubbing the cattery). He was not happy about it, but he did it anyway and he did it amazing, just a little bit slow.

Alas, the hardware shop messed up (the usual “I am a smart-ass and I do it my own way take it or leave it” of local natives) and my order were not delivered. I had to rearrange my whole schedule because of their brattitude, so our guy have to wait a little bit longer for his planters and a few more works that has to wait for necessary items. I told him to please be patient and that I have a mountain of other work to do and I ask him to clean the carriers and the baskets, as well as the whole house.

He was not happy about it but he did it anyway, and he did amazing, just a little bit slower.

Yesterday when he came, I was still in the middle of writing a post (about the yellow kitten) and I ask him to kindly wait. He said he will just clean the whole yard first because Theoden’s blood are everywhere. I said yes, and I went back to finishing my story.

When I came out, he had cleaned the whole yard, dug the cracked planters out of the recycle bin again, re-fill the the planters, mix the compost and the soil all wrong, and planted aloe vera in a muddy soil.

He also put back two hanged planters above my bike, and spray water on it. The planters dripped and my bike was all mud, dirt and compost.

He also spray water on his newly planted masterpiece and dirt and soil is all over the place and the stair become slippery.

I was not happy about it, but I keep my mouth shut, and ask him to just wash the cats dishes and (home made) food containers, among which is part of the grinder that got stuck (my fault, I forgot to dismantle it yesterday and the meat fat froze). Usually, soaking it in room temperature water will melt the fat enough and it’s easier to open. I told him about it and he said yes.

A few minutes later when I finished posting I heard banging sound so I went out to look. Apparently to me, he was channeling his inner Thor Ragnarok and use HAMMER and GARDEN SHEAR to break the grinder open.

I was so carried away in my WTF moment I flew through the slippery stairs and snatch my grinder off his hand. It is solid steel so it’s not broken, but it dented quite bad.

I asked him kindly about the soaking thing I have talked about and he just said “Sorry for all the dents but my way solve the problem too”

Well, I need to get Theoden to the vet and we have traffic jam midway so I’d better be ready, so I keep my mouth shut, pay him his salary, and dismiss him for the day. He has to go to his full time work anyway and Theoden won’t show up if he won’t go.

Theoden and I spent the whole afternoon and evening at the vet discussing various issues that he has, now that his age caught up to him. I also discuss about reducing stress that might damage the old king. He was a feral cat, although he seems to transition into being outdoor cat quite well, I would like to learn of more ways to do things better for Theoden.

It started to storm when I got home so calm everyone and give the sick ones medicine. Fix Theoden some dinner, and get him to stop sulking.

This morning I went down and found out that the shoe-rack I no longer use (because the kittens love it so much they play around it and put fur on my shoes) stood by the tool shelves our guy tied to the wall.

I wondered how a three tier rack stand as tall as five tiers one and dig all the garbage (and shopping) bags our guys stacked under.

So our guy is being very smart and mounted the shoe-rack on the back side of my bike, above the tire cover. He tied it up so hard on my bike and put all sort of heavy equipment on the rack, that the tire cover bent. The whole night of rain washed the compost away, but my bike’s wheel stained.

The “I am a smart ass, I know what I do and I do it my way, take it or leave it” brattitude of local natives got me for quite a while, but I live here and I’ll be crazy if I let it get to me.

Some of the friends I told the incident about told me to go the Donald Tramp way and say “You’re Fired”; the other half said “If you fire him you won’t have any help”

I don’t want to be pessimistic. Not much people, if at all, pay an errand according to the regulations, so there will be lines of people who wants his job, really. The decision will be whether the cats can tolerate the worker (and vice versa) or not.

However, I don’t want to be excited either. These people has no education, they came from low place, and they are lazy. These people got used to weasel their way through everything to get free lunch. These people have gotten used to being bad because life has been bad to them. I can see how our guy’s eyes lit with joy as soon as I told him I will remove this thing or that thing and he will jump on the first chance of bringing it home. He already done that with $50 water pump on his first day of work (don’t be surprised), and he then asked if he can bring home the rusty washer (again, cat pee) when he overheard me talking on the phone for the possibility of trading it with a refurbished new washer ($300). He then asked if I have unused Android phones (that will be around $ 100 but honestly, I don’t have any) and he immediately offered his friend when I mentioned the word “scooter” on the phone (and I was few feet away). The $50 water pump can still run but the motor will burn every ten minutes because Hanshin peed on it too much.

He definitely, like other locals around here, think I am just another stupid rich girl with all the fancy stuffs I throw away (they never knew that behind the pristine look, cat pee was all over the inside). He still believe that he can weasel out of everything. Although he has the skill and creativity, I can’t trust him enough to leave our errand guy to his own devices. I don’t have too much spare money, if any, to pick up all the fixing. Obviously that means there will not be as much of a free time as we all have planned, but he’s been doing great all this time, so as long as he does the job, I will take his sideways antics with a grain of salt and a few drops of mustard.

Until a new squire in shining armor come, then.

If you happen to see Frodo somewhere, though, ask him if he can have some of his village mate come over.

~ Josie


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