For The Cali’s of the World

Cali’s story is one like so many other unwanted cats and kittens. Tossed out like so much trash to die or live…it didn’t matter to the monsters who tossed him and his siblings out. His story does take a different turn than many in that Josie just happened to be in the right place at the right time in order to video the deed and rescue that babies.

Better yet, she shared the video in her neighborhood and now the humans who did this are no longer welcome in the the area. While neighborhood justice has been served in this case, no legal justice will happen because Indonesia has no animal cruelty laws.

Sadly, out of all his siblings, Cali is the only one to survive. Yet another all to often ending in animal rescue.

This happens every day, in every country across the planet. Anyone who rescues has dozens of these stories that they can share. Hundreds for furry faces of all ages that haunt their dreams at night.

Yet, rescuers continue to do what they do so they can save the one or two or the litter and a mom or the senior kitty that doesn’t have long but should have love and care. We do this because we are driven to do so. Our hearts are fed by those we saved. Our hearts end up holding parts of the hearts of every animal we touch whether they live or cross the Rainbow Bridge.

This is what Josie does every day. No matter the weather, her health or even her financial status. Is isn’t what she does. It is who she is. It defines her very existence.

Will you show you support her and her work? Will you make a donation today to save a life? I hope so. — Lori

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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

The first and only cat refuge in Bandung (West Java - Indonesia) a capital breeder of a nation without animal welfare law. We care for Bandung's unwanted animals, operate a TNR as much as our budget allows, and continue to educate people about compassion to animals

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