I wonder, if she ever slept so peacefully behind the garbage bin, where I found her with her only child.

I wonder, if she thought about the day gone by, all the same, because she has to stay invisible, unseen, unloved.

I wonder, if she ever dream of that fluffy mat in front of the bathroom, clean, cool tile under her tummy on hot day, children plays around, and food in the bowl, always filled to the brim.

I wonder, if she ever count all the day, holding on to that tiny light of hope, knowing that one day, his tiny light of hope will grow up, and start life on his own?

I wonder, if she ever wonder, whether life can change for the better, while all the paths it shown was the other way to go?

Or whether she thought, like me, that all we have is life and time, and the only way to pass it through until the end is keep walking.

She has no voice, she has no place. Whom would she petition, that life be changed?

And there we are, one rushy afternoon, when I saw her only child pick my offering and bring it for her, kibble after kibble.

It was supposed to be for the little boy only, one time only. We might see each other again the next day, we might not, so while I can, one meal, one day, one love. It’s all I can give, it’s all I can afford.

But life do change, when I saw him walked back and forth carrying kibbles to the back of that garbage bin.

Life do change that day, and it brought her to the fluffy mat in front of the bathroom.

Life do change that day, little by little. First her fleas, then her worms, then her earmite.

Life do change that day, little by little. She was spayed, she lost her child, but she has many others.

Life do change that day, and since she is always patient while others have their turn, she always have the bowl freshly re-filled to the brim.

And life do change for me too, that day, in a rushy afternoon; when a friend I made not so long ago brought me home.

And show me people care; and show me humanity have not lost in the ocean, and show me the sun still shine above.

Life do change for me too, when sky stop raining their blessing, but stars showering down the sky, each with their blessings and love, big or small.

Life do change for me too, and as I looked at her, Thelma, sleeping on the full chest of her freezer, I don’t wonder why man should wish on a star, notthe sun, not the moon, not even sky.

Because sun can’t come down from the sky, it’s too big. Moon can’t come down from the sky, it’s alone.

But stars can come down from the sky, and enter the tunnel where my arms and foot had given up trying, where my eyes can no longer see the light; it’s small.

Stars can come down from the sky, and set my world back alight, it’s many.

And where I see the light of hope dimmed, one kibble lost after another, I must look up, because there, I can find the hope hung low, and walk with me along the way.

I wonder if you know, though,

Those stars, are each of you.

~ Josie


Published by

Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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