English has it in frames. “If it is meant to be, it will be” French has the romantic version; it comes with a song even. “Que sera, sera” Japanese has the compact version: hitsuzen.

Rain come pouring down every day after 3 pm nowadays and the more it rains, the more I worried about Fuuta. He was alone now since the colony had all been removed and Theoden came home, he has hearing disturbances, and he lives in a hostile environment.

I have to work and since end of the month is coming, I have to up my effort or I can’t pay mortgage, which means mort for us all; cats and human alike.

Much ado about everything.

But fate has it that I went hunting beef on sale yesterday and my ride cut the way through a small alley across a traditional market behind the bus terminal. there was bus terminal, there was market. If possible I don’t want to pass there when I can’t run fast because there will be all sort of miserable cats and thugs that will harass me one way or another.

But fate has it that I saw her (or him); meowing to one of those punks that kicked her away with his boot. She didn’t say anything. She didn’e even meow. she just came back up and walk away.

Fate has it that we’re carrying 12 lbs of fish and beef, not to mention various other things for the cat food, that stopping will be such a hassle. So I keep my mouth shut, curse all the way back to my house, ten minutes drive, haul everything to the porch, pay my ride, and go back outside hailing another ride.

Such waste of money, but well.

I thought I’d only get her, fetch some newspapers and be back home. She didn’t look as if she is going to hold on another day anyway.

But fate has it that when I was all the way across the terminal, there are four pairs of other eyes staring at me. Head tilted, ears twitched, cuteness overload.

Fate has it that if I see a cat, much more a kitten, looking at me with tilted head and round beady eyes like that I’d stop and say hello.

Fate has it that one of the four staring kittens was jumpy and screamed when I pat his head.

Fate has it that the mother of cats came out of who knows where running to her children.

Now I am going to be nailed on a stake and put out to dry as a mile marker toward a Valyrian city.

But fate has it that the mother just checked on her children, meowed at me, whatever the meow means. For some reason I cannot understand, but it’s not a bad meow.

Fate has it that they lived near this specific group of public transport drivers, part of the minority that still eat cats and dogs (and whatever animals, some said they even eat fetus, but hoax and reality is interchangeable nowadays)

Fate has it that a five minutes walk away, there’s this kitchenware outlet.

I have been trying to squeeze my spending so much more, and tighten my belt even more, but fate has it that every time I squashed an expenditure, the other part blow up.

Oh well.

I went to the kitchenware outlet and ask if they sell a shopping basket.

They said they have, and it comes in four colors. I told them I want two of those and fate has it they gave me one pink and one blue.

Fate has it that when I got back to the family corner, all sweaty and struggling because my existing baby struggle and wiggle, some woman throw a bag of garbage right to my feet.

She does not apologize, she just throw her face away and climb her motorcycle.

I was too tired to pick a fight and I have a family to haul back to the hills.

When I was busy folding paper to make into a cup for a can of sardine for the babies, the woman come back at me and point finger straight on my nose.

“Why are you removing them!!!”

I brush her finger off my nose and replied curtly “I am not removing them, I am taking them home. Get lost”

She was taken aback but then asked gently “Are you really getting them home? Where it is?”

I took my deep breath and face her with a chesire cat smile “So you can throw them like that garbage you threw on my feet just then?”

“Oh no!” the woman was offended, “I like cats! In fact I am the one who feed them all around here. I feed them all, but it never occur to me to bring them home. People here, some, took them and sell them, sometimes eat them, mostly harm them”

“Which is why I took them home. Would you leave me alone now to finish my stuff and mind your own business? I will consider it a break even, you know. You owe me an apology for throwing garbage to my feet and you owe me an apology for accusing me with that finger on my nose and you also owe me a gratitude since you will feed six less now”

She walked away. Fate has it that I am not too friendly on my birthday. It’s not any kind of birthday either, the one when people usually are pampered and loved and cared for.

Fate has it that the cats were already mad when I got home late for their tuna.

But fate also has it that the tuna they get is super beautiful and extra tasty so they call it even.

Fate has it that I should then work two shifts back to back so I left the angry mother in the blue basket and the kittens in the red basket, with their sardines.

Fate has it that it rain with thunder and lightning like disco with drunk DJ. I still went to the park but no Fuuta. I waited until 11 pm and no Fuuta. So I went home without Fuuta.

Fate has it, though logically should be, that the mother was very angry for being locked inside the basket so long. Fate has it, though logically should be that the kittens mind their own business with their sardines, but it won’t be nice and tidy

So I let fate has it that the mother runs around the house screaming, growling and swatting everyone. I let fate has it that all her children ran and hide behind the freezer with sardines all over them. They are all red. They used to be with their mother, they used to be cared for, and their mother used to be a cat instead of a devil.

Except for the one kitten for whom I came for the first place. She just jumped out of the basket, clean herself, stay out of the way of everyone, and disappear.

I let fate has it that tomorrow will be another long long long long cleaning day.

Fate also has it that when I turn around to get my phone charger, I found that the orphan baby settled down and find herself a new mummy.

~ Josie



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