I heard her cry yesterday. I put on my jacket and get out, standing through the night. I know God loves to play tricks on me and He wouldn’t stop until I lost my mind, so every time I open the fence and got out, she stopped crying. At the back of the cattery, Blossom is on heat again and cats are spraying and fighting. Back and forth five more rounds and it’s 2 am. I turned back home, and clean up the house until morning.

I heard her cry last night. I put on my jacket and get out, standing through the night. I got out of the house and walked up hill. Queenie’s mama and Sierra follows me. Hanshin waited at the corner of the cluster. I know God loves to play tricks on me and He wouldn’t stop until I lost my mind, so every time I stopped by the road side He made vehicles zoomed up and down the hill. Why all of a sudden? This is midnight, the road is empty on midnight any day! I hold on a little bit longer. As soon as traffic died down the kitten start crying, but just before I pinpoint where the cry came from there goes the traffic all over again.

“I am going home” I hissed. “As if I care. You call me to help these street mongrels and yet when I listen to your call you have to make it impossible every time. Might as well dump my religion and follow the devil. Usually they are rich and they are happy the rest of their lives while all the people you call children and said to love so very much ended up battered, suffer and bitter”

The traffic stopped. Like snap! flick of a finger, and the traffic stopped.

And that cry seared the night sky crystal clear.

I walked across the street and found a very pissed young man banging the sides and the hood of his car. He looked down to the right, turned over, looked down again to the left. He opens his car’s engine and peeked all over, then he bangs the bumpers of his car.

With every bang, a pitiful cry.

“Spray it down! spray it down!” said an old man behind him, while holding a bunch of fake roses.

A little girl about six running around parroting and banging the car “Spray it down! Spray it down!”

“Shut up!” the man shouted angrily. The little girl pouted. “Don’t go around and make me dizzy, stand back and sit down!”

Their mother came around and took the girl away. “Please listen, stand back and sit down”

I stood there looking at them through their fence. One more round and the man looking at me with killing intent “Yes? What!”

“I heard a kitten crying and wonder maybe I can help”

“It got stuck in the engine and won’t come out!”

That was a nice spray there.

I shrugged it off, walked to the side and got in through their open fence. By then the man was kicking the tire.

The mother came around to approach me. “Please forgive him. He is getting married and we’re supposed to drive to the bride’s house at ten, so we reach the next town by dawn to get dressed and prepare for the ceremony. I love cats, so he lives with cats too, but love the cats or not, we don’t want to kill the kitten”

It was half hour before midnight.

I looked at the mother “I know this urban legend, or myth, maybe it’s truth, that devil will come the night before the wedding and tested the pair with one of the seven deadly sins. If each of them can control themselves and go through it, the wedding and the marriage will last”

The mother sighs, the groom slapped his head.

I can’t open my jacket. Below that jacket is a thin and worn out T shirt that will show everything underneath.

So I rolled my jacket sleeve and use my cellphone as a flash light.

“Put the mother of the kitten in the engine and let her get the kitten out”, said the old man.

We all looking at him, he was still playing with that fake bunch of roses, but he looks to the other side of the yard. Sierra was sitting like a doll on one of the plant pot.

“No, that’s not the mother. Sierra does not have babies”

We heard the kitten crying and turned back to poring the engine.

The little girl runs around parroting and banging the car side “Put the mother inside and let her get the kitten out. Put the mother inside and let her get the kitten out. Put the mother inside…”

The groom grab the girl by her shoulder and shouted in full anger “Shut up!. Stand back and shut up!!!!!”

I am sure he will kill his sister first before the kitten.

The mother came around, took the girl away and seat her on a chair. “Please don’t harass your brother, he had enough”

“Why don’t you all listen to me. Just put that mother cat inside the engine, turn the car on and both will be gone”

I don’t know how, but I swear that girl was already running around again, parroting and banging the car “Put the mother cat inside, turn the car on…”

The groom was so mad he was about to hit the girl but I hold on his hand. “Your sin was probably wrath. The same with mine, but you are getting married, I am not. I am a stranger, so leave this to me”

I walked over to the old man, seemingly from decoration company. He was looking at me grinning. People around do so, the males.

“Sierra does not have babies. Sierra is not the mother, and if you don’t shut your fucking mouth up you will find my hand on your face. I am a woman and my hand is small. What am I compared to your muscle right? It’s just that this yard happened to be a car workshop and I will be holding that crowbar, would that put your dickhead in proper place?”

My God is a jerk so let me be instrument of chaos.

Glad to find the mother holding her hand over the girls ears so she won’t be parroting my F word banging the side of the car and kill herself.

I turned back to the car, turn my cellphone flash light on, and find the kitten sitting on the spring of the front right tire. No one there is small enough to slip under except me and the groom.

It’s been raining the whole evening and there is puddle under the car, but we can’t move the car with the kitten sitting on a shock breaker.

I laid myself flat to the ground, take a deep breath and slip under the muddy car.

I rolled out looked like human size fondue.

“Oh, thank you! Thank you very much! Oh my God! look at your face! there is mud in your eyes!”

The mother ran to a water tub and came back with a bowl of water. “Wash your face first, that eye must hurt!”

I hold the crying kitten with one arm and clean my eyes with the other.

When I lift my face I found the mother with paper towel. “Here, here, oh my. You get it, we’re all safe”

The little girl ran around (I think she is reincarnation of Damien Omen or something) parroting and banging the side of the car. “We’re all safe, we’re all safe we’re all…”


I turned to the groom and try to smile as decently as I can. “Man, know you’re awesome. You’re going to be a great man of the family. Have a safe journey, best of luck, and happy wedding”

He smiled. That was the best smile, the only one that is not fake among the thousands I let out and the other thousands people gave me. We can’t shake hand with all that happened but he showed me his thumb.

“I will walk you home!” said the mother. She lift Sierra and hold her like a baby, sitting on her arm with face and tummy to the front. Sierra does not usually like to show her round belly, but that night she just stay still.

I knew she just need to hug someone. Sierra is white, clean and fluffy.

She thanked me once more before putting Sierra down on the stairs and bid her farewell. The girl followed her mother, holding on her dress, but this time she did not parrot anything.

I gave the little girl shreds of Tuna and she ate like vacuum cleaner.

She started crying again once she got into the house, and she kept crying through the night.

I gave her the best spot on the bed and Cali the jealous brother sulked on my laptop.

I haven’t got any sleep for three days straight, and just got a bath (with cold water, don’t have water heater) at 3 am in the morning, so if my God want to be a jerk again, that’s Him.

I woke up late, but when I woke up the kitten was not crying. When I woke up I cannot see her. When I woke up Cali overcame his pride and walked cross the room and sleep on my head.

When I wake up I saw Miss Kitty by my side. When did she came in? But little girls seem to be sneaking into everything lately.

Then I saw little patchy white curling up next to her.

Miss Kitty was awake, and she was licking the little baby every now and then to keep her calm and easy.

I put my ear on the little baby and heard her purring.

~ Josie

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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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