Although she got her surgery about two days ago, and was declared OK (and sent home) yesterday night, she is still in very much pain.

She walked in pain, she sleeps all day, and she is extremely grumpy.

She is a little slimmer after the second surgery, and instead of one like the usual spay, she has incision and sutures on both side of her tummy.

That is because, the vet who spayed her before only cut half of each of her ovaries.

That was why she has estrus – and a painful one at that – and had I not noticed, it will be why she will have cancer in the future.

In fact the process had started.

She has infection from the half done spay procedure that start to spread to the side of her tummy. To avoid the risk that come with re-opening her wounds and cut it even larger to clean up the trickling infection, my kitty ambulance cut from each of her flank, cut what left of her ovaries, and cut all the fat tissue that got the infection.

I think it can inspire people to do their tummy tuck and fat suction when they visit the slimming center next time. My vet will make a lot of money with her creativity.

She took the calculated risk. Long sedation versus all the complications of re-opening old spay, and who knows if they stitch it well or not?

Tabby was screaming none the less and she is still restless and grumpy when she got home so the vet gave her sleeping pill and let her sleep the whole day if she likes and not get in my way. There is nothing to be done but to clean and re-dress her sutures anyway.


She woke up this morning feeling a lot better, though still grumpy. She has always been an outdoor cat and staying inside annoys her, but she is not going anywhere until she completely heals and after we are sure that no more complication happens.

It cost me USD 250 and I will have to pay from our mortgage money again, as I look for something to re-fill the can. Still I am grateful that it’s still affordable (I bet it will cost thousands and thousands of Dollars or Poundsterling abroad).

I would have to delay my plan to re-spay the Syndi-cat ladies, who had similar treatment from my traveling vet. Obviously each re-surgery will carry its own risk, but it will stop them from screaming every so often and lift off the bunch of strains that the whole shelter has to endure every time they got their hormones shooting their heads.

Most important is I am grateful that Tabby still alive. I would probably go ahead and burn that damned clinic to the ground if she died. One Celia is enough and even until today, I am still ridden with guilt for costing Celia her life. She trusted me to care for her and I let some half done veterinarian murder her and wrap her haphazardly like a rotten bagel.

Most important is we still have each other, and that tomorrow is another day.

And most of the most important is: courage does not need to roar. Courage can be a silent heartbeat that goes on through the harsh stream of life.

Courage can be a small hope that life at least for this one cat will be better.

Courage should be about keeping that wish alive, that one day, it will be Saturday night.

~ Josie


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