Today two years ago, we celebrate the survival of a dozen (yes, 12 kittens) dumped in the depth of bamboo forest. Culprit never intended them to be found. They were all newborn and in horrible shape. Today, only three of the dozen survived, but all three are testament of the power of Whiskers’ Syndicate’s wonderful surrogate mothers and our many supporters who never give up on them.

Remember the kittens Josie rescued from the bamboo bushes? Well, after a week wretched in nature we thought it will be good to have a little fun so starting today we will be throwing baby shower pawty for them and you’re invited!

Here is what we have:

1. USD 250 matching challenge (ongoing until Wednesday this week 9pm EST)
2. Kitty Quizzes. (Starting Tuesday every 8 PM GMT+7 until Saturday) Every correct answer a sponsor will donate to The Whiskers’ Syndicate so don’t miss it and bring the whole world over!
3. Baby shower gift auction. We will be displaying discounted (and we mean big big BIG discount) items that the kitties need which you can purchase as a gift for the babies (items will not exceed USD 25).
4. Pet toy and T shirt sales (will not exceed USD 20/items)
5. Name the babies contest.

If you participate in at least 4 out of 5 activities in our event we will send you a secret party favor! If you come by and share our quizzes or challenge or our kitten related posts, we will send you more!

We’d love you to share photos of your kittens as well during the week and entries will go into The Whiskers’ Syndicate 2016 Calendar (we’ve been putting that off because of ill fitted circumstances previously but this year it’s fixed ).

Bad news is, two of the babies have crossed The Rainbow Bridge. However, there are still 9 that need your prayers and help to grow strong and stay healthy. Along with the usual fundraiser, we will be posting a wish list of items that Josie will need in abundance to keep these and the rest of the Mobsters going (You will see them in the gift auction. Maybe you can use some for your own pet as well).

We are starting the week with a $250 Matching Challenge by Christine S. Andrea A. and myself. This challenge will cover the weekly needs of the Mobsters and anything over that will be used for the kittens and the other cat Josie found over the weekend.

I can’t leave with with just a bunch of boring words tonight though so I leave you with this. I can’t have longer chat with Josie because precocious little Donna Noble who is now into everything is teaching the new babies how to climb. Just this evening/morning (Indonesia time) she taught them to climb the table, push stuff off and then turn the table into a bed. Very cute, Donna, very cute!

So, yeah, here’s reminding you that there’s a pool of $250 to match your donation which will end on Wednesday evening at 9 pm Eastern. Use one of these ways to double your donation right now:

1. You can click the donate button on Whiskers’ Syndicate’s
Facebook page.

2. Go to PayPal and send a donation using

3. You can also follow this link to make a donation:


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