Time flies. I have been planning for this since July, and I thought I will post it in August, but look, this is mid September and I haven’t even started.

By now everyone knows that The Whiskers’ Syndicate’s website is almost defunct. I say almost, because every now and then people still go there and lend a breath (or two) to the site.

It was not a website at first though. It was a journal. I wrote about the cats and our daily bread and the original title is “Quest 2 Canaan”

It’s still is. But over few years, we outgrown blogger so there are quests to find a new site.

I tried asking for help, but even though there are groups of people around the world who claim to build website for charities, they charged the commercial USD 5,000 per site, plus tax, plus every other thing.

If I have USD 5,000 I’d buy a bigger house for the cat and build low cost spay and neuter clinic, the first in town, maybe the whole nation.

But I don’t have that, so when everyone is asleep, I am alone spending the night, typing and clicking and sending emails.

It took me a few months of sleepless night (and health destroyed, of course) but I decided that I moved to Squarespace. It’s avant garde, with pure love for details, and easy to use for a commoner who only understand a few lines of html.

The re-building of the site, however, took one whole year.

This time, however, Squarespace outgrown us. It keeps going further into the high tech, that some of our readers (and supporters, and friends, and family) start to scatter behind either because their internet connection is not adequate, their gadget is out of date, or the humongous amount of data to load even one single page (due to its high definition quality).

The only animal related website that can hang on using Squarespace, besides us, is a rodeo site (where people use rodeo and abuse the horse and the bull and call it sport). I have since registered their listed emails to some number of porn sites.

The point of a Syndicate is a group of people who band together to reach the same goal. Besides, it’s not fun to leave our friends behind just because they still use dial up or don’t understand that the tech’s “cloud” is not that cottony white crossing the blue sky.

So, we will move once again, to a place where everyone can come and connect wherever they are, whether they are on facebook or twitter or instagram, whether they use dial up or 4G or cable or whatever, whether they use antique PC or the latest issue of Iphone.

One problem: I have nine years worth of blog post. That is 9 x 365 posts to move.

I can go the easy way, like use or buy exporter, but we all know it doesn’t work, or if it is, it will give us garbled post and messed up picture we might think Cali the yellow tabby is Neo the black ninja.

Hence, the title of this post: Wanted: Copy Cats.

I need a townhall of crazy cat ladies (gentlemen welcome) to help me copy and paste the cat stories from the old site (and facebook) to the new website.

Perks: free endless stories of the very many mobsters of the Whiskers’ Syndicate, the chance to be grammar police (I am notorious for typos) and cat pics, obviously.

I will tell you how it can be done, but whatever you do, we need to finish by September 28 when the subscription of current site will expire.

If by luck, there are some keyboard warriors here who can hack one thing or another and help me build the website, I promise I will not worship you, but appreciate your help very, very much. We will be moving to WordPress. If you know a friend or family who can help, please invite them over. I’ll pay for the cookies.

I hope by now everyone would be done with summer vacation and all, and that we will have enough people (come on, we have 1,400 followers, impossible that none of them are available) to help us reach out to the brave new web.

~ Josie


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