In liberating himself, the little bat who had been living in a skecher’s box holding my tiny teddy bear and fleece, he liberates me.

And in liberating me, he liberates my friend, who has been walking through all sort of forums, asking questions, knocking on doors; while others took the simple route “Find a local Rescue/conservationists/biologists/veterinarians”

And then close the door.

True that, yes I understand, there is not much they can do, far away across the ocean.

But true that, yes, understand me, there are far too many times that people took life and situation for granted, and resorted to comfort zone much too easily.

The liberty of living in an “advanced world” the lull and peace of the golden cot with many names: technology, social security, civilization, modernization. Though only in limited extent to their world, wherever they are, I have those too. Technology, social security, civilization, modernization.

It’s just that, since I have whatever people take for granted in limited extent, I have this gap that separate their extent to mine, and that gap showed me what lies underneath.

It’s the responsibility as a “supreme” being, who has dominion over earth and other creature. The sense of fraternity to protect and to serve, as big sister, as mother, as landlord, as benefactor.

And then, the responsibility that guarantees the fraternity will deliver egality. The indigenous realization that beneath our different appearance, set up and the machination of how our organs each give us lives, our lives are the same. Life is life, whether it’s human, or dogs, or cats, or ants, cows, birds, roaches. Human has red blood and shrimp has blue blood, but life is life. Somewhere hidden in the depth of the ocean a mix of reptiles and fish has green blood and a certain other even has “blood” with no color. But the substance and hue with which that color deliver life, does not determine the upper or the lesser.

And the very being who remind me of such grand settlement of universe, is a dying microbat; who drinks nothing but drips of electrolyte, sometimes mixed with glucose, and other times a very diluted honey, and bits and crushes of turtle food. Later on, a pellet the size of snap button, soaked into aqua bidest to guarantee no interaction between the minerals in the ringer, and mineral in the pellet. Sometimes the pellet came from loach food, sometimes the pellet came from tropical freshwater, carnivorous manta ray.

Yes, people here have those rays as pets too. They are cute. Brown with stripes, black with white polka dots. One of them love to follow my finger, when I go to the aquarium shop. They are twenty million a pair, although their life is no more than that of my little bat.

One thing those people behind closed doors said that is true: without knowing the species no one knows what to feed.

So I tried anything, whatever works.

On the nights when the moon took longer to set, He would be in my pocket. At least a certain chirp is not lost on translation, and I understand that he’s cold. I don’t know if listening to my heart pounding would kill him, but I know that somewhere between his heart and mine being alone kills faster and more painful than listening to ultrasonic chirp or heart pounding by the ears.

If God close the door, praise Him in the hallway, they said. So we praise God as we walk through the hallway.

Right to the end, where there is nothing more to tread on, but the endless blue sky, the soft wind, the gentle sun and the shy moon.

He chirps more and more and I keep him close more and more.

But we both know all that our souls are saying good byes and love and understanding.

The liberty of promised land, that comes after a memorable fraternity, and a moment of egality.

The liberty of not having each other, while still bind by the fraternity of God’s creature, and egality that will see us by each other, even in different plain.

To his own the liberty of pain, to my own the liberty of going back on track and doing what I do: feed the cats.

And to us both the liberty of seeing through our skin and flesh and blood, and stare right to each other’s soul.

Que le soleil illumine votre visage; Que la pluie tombe doucement sur vos champs et, d’ici à ce que nous nous revoyions, que Dieu vous garde dans le creux de sa main.

~ Josie


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