She begged and begged to go out, but I won’t allow her. She cried and I won’t listen, she protested and I won’t hear, she tried, but I decided.

She is not going out until she is spayed. It won’t be long. The next night my vet will come pick her up and she can do as she likes right after.

Right after she ran toward the slum village down the road, where many of my cats came from. I didn’t chase her, because I know she probably worrying about her other babies. There was no one else but one kitten when she was dumped to the middle of the road in that fan box. That one kitten who is now Queenie.

Every now and then, I will see her; sitting by the corner, peeking. She won’t let me touch her, maybe because she think I will try to lock her in my house again, but after I went away for the colony, she will go to the porch and serve herself.

This past month, however, I haven’t seen her. I thought she found herself a good place to stay and I don’t know where it is, so I can only wish her well.

Last night I didn’t feel well. I felt tired and dizzy, and the longer I try to keep working the more I felt nauseous, so I bought myself a warm drink and have taxi drove me to the colony and home before I start throwing acid down the road.

By the corner, Sierra was waiting for me. She is such a delight to have as company. With Uber I will be coming out from different car every time, but she never fails to greet me right by the door. Then we will go inside together.

Last night, just as I lock the fence, I hear someone’s calling.

I peeked out and saw her; walking as best as she could. It was only a few steps away, but she couldn’t walk anymore, so she just sit there on the road calling.

I ran and pick her up. She cried in pain, but there is no other way. I ran as fast as I can and put her inside a carrier I always keep ready in the living room.

Then I came back and lock the door. Say my thanks and good night to everyone, Sierra, Hanshin, Tabby and Mama Gray.

She has horrible Calicivirus. It was so painful she can’t even open her mouth without screaming. She was hungry but she can’t eat, she was dead thirsty but it hurts when she drink.

She smelled so bad I had to run the exhaust fan and air purifier all night long.

I wrapped her in a blanket, and leave her in the carrier so it will be easy to just grab her and blast to the vet if she got worse.

It takes two bottles of Ringer; strong antibiotics and various immune and metabolic booster that she is strong enough to walk on her own this morning.

And she walked straight to the door.

She begged and begged to go out, but I won’t allow her. She cried and I won’t listen, she protested and I won’t hear, she tried, but I decided.

Good girl, bad girl. I challenge her to drink by herself and I will release her. But an hour later when she drink by herself, against all the pain that she has to endure just to open her mouth big enough, I shrugged and tell her if she eat by herself I will release her.

She can’t, but even if she can, I will still just shrug and up the challenge.

She won’t go anywhere until she is back up and running.

~ Josie

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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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