Everyone knows I have been working on Whiskers’ Syndicate alone. From the most trivial ones like scooping cat poop, to the techy savvy things like building Whiskers’ Syndicate’s website to filing facebook page, to managing various social media. All by myself.

Usually my sister Lori would help me fill the page from time to time, but she is in a much deserved break at the moment, and Christine Alice has been kind enough to take over the job while I am mopping and hauling fruit crates to make a living.

There are quite some other people who stepped forward and offer to help me handle things, but usually those offer only valid for as long as someone can remember. One thing pop up at work, or fun summer trip, or whatever in between, and they are gone, and I end up with even more things to handle on my own.

Christine Alice has her job too. She has a husband, and feline kids as well. She has friends, She has tons of things to do no less than others, she has life. But she said she will help, and she sticks to it.

Between jobs, she will take time to post funny pictures. At other times, she will share silly pictures of the Syndi-cats that I shared with her during our brief talks in the chats. Some other day, she will be sharing her own story with her own cats and how that experience intermingled with our friendship. When one of her friend promised one thing and somehow disappear, she pick it up and do it herself.

So I take it for granted that whoever is reading this would understand how much I appreciate what she done and how much help she had rendered to ease my life.

Seven hours ago, she probably have just got home from work while it’s past midnight in Indonesia. She posted this funny picture of cats of the internet to fill in while I am trying to get some sleep.

And someone posted horrible article under Christine’s post, that I happen to read first thing as soon as I wake up.

Needless to say it really made my day (bad) and officially wiped out the post that takes time and effort to think about. I might be a good writer of some sort, but I still need to think to produce them.

Whatever news she is sharing probably cannot be said as “hoax” but an issue seen from a wrong perspective that it is misguided and misleading.

And it is posted under unrelated subject as well.

Yes, it is true that Australian government has a lot of problem with feral cats; and yes, it is true that Australian government plan (and have been) culling them. Yes, it is true that Australian government give permission for their citizen to kill feral cats.

But what is called “feral cats” in Australia is totally different thing than what is called “feral cats” in USA, or UK, or everywhere else. “Feral Cats” in Australia is not “homeless domestic cat” It is a type of wild cat that has been mix breeding with the “domestic cat” that people irresponsibly dumped into the wild as soon as they have enough with their pets. Just like short minded “well meaning people” in America released their pet carp into the river or lakes and the carp eventually destroy the entire ecosystem and wiped out native species.

“Feral Cats” in Australia is a lot, and I mean A LOT bigger than domestic cat, and fiercer too. Just like wild cats, they are predators. Meaning they hunt and kill everything, including native species and endangered ones in that matter.

Like America, or elsewhere in the world, Australia is short on forest rangers because everyone wants to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk.

And then, there is these Aborigins, the native of Australia. Oh yes, Australian natives has dark skin not the white ones, just like native tribe of America has red skin, instead of porcelain, and obviously not orange.

These Aborigins, as pictured, live very far away from civilization. They are nomads, and when we all pop our dinner to spin in microwave for two minutes, they hunt their food and gather whatever nature left for them from the dirt.

Beyond the necessities of wearing clothing, education has not yet touch their lives, if any, and just like America, or everywhere else in the world, no one want to educate them because they would rather drive car to fancy buildings to teach snotty kids in the morning and spend the night on Sydney beach making love instead of sitting on some dusty rock in the middle of nowhere without roof, no water, no electricity, much less wai fai.

While it is as abhorrent for me that some people eat cats and dogs, or tigers, or lizard, or scorpions, let us see both side of the coin.

Whoever screamed that eating cats and dogs is vile etc etc etc because cats and dog is “man’s best friend” and should not be in the same class as cattle, come over to the other side and see how the view is like.

These people who point fingers and scream evil eat beef; and its many variation. Wagyu, for example, an alcoholic cow, and cow babies that they given fancier name like veal. Have these righteous human think that cow is sacred animal to Hindu people? Even if they drive Rolls Royce they would stop if a filthy smelly cow cross the street. How do they think Hindu people would think knowing these western northers whites treat their sacred animal as cattle, and eat them?

These people who point fingers and scream evil eat goose. Perhaps it ever occur to them, that goose is a sacred animal for Buddhist? Would someone explain to these Buddhist how it is evil to eat cat and dog while they treat Buddhist sacred animal like cattle, choke them with food, and eat them. For the heck of it, goose (often labeled as duck) is cat and dog food!

Since we all have smartphones and google, let us put it to work, search for 19th century French delicacy, and I bet quite a number will find that a recipe or two use kitten meat. Even now, a michelin star chef somewhere in the middle of France still cook these recipe. What about that?

This world is spherical. What someone see from certain angle can be very different from what others see even if they are standing side by side. What someone think from one culture can be quite contrary from the other side.

Christians, God promised Abraham (not Lincoln) that his descendant will be as vast and diverse as the stars in the sky and they will go and inhabit all over the world. Does that mean anything? or can God be lying?

Please, let us think before judging others. Our lives are not theirs, and we are none the wiser. We will never be. Just because someone eat cat and dog, doesn’t mean they are evil. They have the same red blood and the same heart. In this galaxy, only shrimp has blue blood. They just see things differently, and it is our responsibility to tell them why it is better not be so. In the other hand, let us look within ourselves if they, in the same good intention as us, tell us that certain things are not to be done.

After all, we all react better to kind words and positive reinforcement than swears and spats don’t we?


In a more personal note, if I may humbly request, please refrain from posting irrelevant comments. What good would it be, to post angry comment under funny picture? It only make people confused, and confused people does not “get” things correctly.

This page is made so that everyone can post. See those posts people wrote on the right? Rest your cause there. We have about seven administrators here and each of them lives in different part of the world so there will always be at least someone who is awake and reading. As soon as we see it, we will think about it and trust me, if we ever share it or pin it, it won’t be the first we speak of others’ causes.

There is no wrong in seeking the fact. It is wise to practice self restrain. There is no sin in learning the truth before emotionally charge forward and throw fire all over places. People get burned, and burned people cause war. We lose friends, and family torn apart; all for nothing. There are so few of us good people and so many animals need help, why do we kill each other instead of banding together to reach our goal?

I always believe that Whiskers’ Syndicate people, all of us, you and me, in all meaning of our being, have at least one or two things in common: compassion, and respect. It is what put us together. Besides, weren’t the poster of this stray comment the same person who posted “Be kind, everyone has difficult life” sort of thing? It’s right under my thank you note the other day; the photo with grey background and white cat and cursive lettering. Yes, I remember. I might be silent but I read everything, because all of you means a lot for me.

So let me take that finger now. Let me hold it and put it close to my heart, because even that one finger can feel my heart beat, that finger can feel the tears that fell down my cheek,

Hopefully we can then smile to each other and hold hands.

~ Josie

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