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I don’t know what happened. I thought I blinked on Monday and it’s already Wednesday.

Remember the spooky story with a bunny tailed kitten the other week? Well she has been vomiting the whole evening and until this morning. She has foul and pale diarrhea and everyone was like “Crap! Panleukopenia!”

It might as well be.

I did not worry (well, not too much) because everyone else here has panleuk before so their immune is well prepared, although I will still have to give everyone extra booster.

The good news is that she still wants to eat. I would have to give her food spoon by spoon but she swallows willingly and is drinking by herself, a lot. Her fever went down, and for now I hold the vomiting off, but those plus good amount of subcu took the whole morning (when I should be posting instead) and now it’s already somewhere past nine am, time to whoosh to the market for tuna.

Fuuta from Elinor’s colony also hasn’t been eating these past two days and I am worried about him, especially because he seems to be swallowing a lot. The good news is I bought discounted gindara last night from the supermarket and he gobbled it down! That was a relief. Another good news is that he finally let me pat him and touch him, so I can buy him another discounted Gindara, or steamed tuna, and shoot antibiotics while he eats tonight. Let’s hope he shows up.

I was just spending about USD 150 worth of antibiotics, sub cu, nebulizer, salt solution et cetera half an hour ago and they will come tomorrow morning. While I was in the middle of payment, the pharmacy asked if I still have a lot of cats. I said yes (thought never tell him all of those medicine are for cats). He went back in, and came out with about a dozen bottles of pediatric lysine and vitamins and told me “Someone ordered vitamins from us and my wife bought the wrong thing so we’re overstocked. This will expire in three months so I will donate it to you, if you want to take them”

The answer is of course, as you suspected, “THANK YOU!” But no, no kisses.

Unfortunately, however, in the middle of this week, I only have about USD 55 (out of USD 500 that we need this week) jinggling in our donation can, and looking at how crazy is the weather (hot, no wind, no humidity, and sudden drop of temperature after 10 pm) cats are going to be sick soon and especially those on the street because they don’t have a fearsome guardian as the mobs are, so if any of your cats clawed out a penny or two from between the cushions, I will be very, very grateful if you’d have them add the jingle in our can after the master feline got bored with it.

Due to the extreme heat we are under this past week, water dried out a little bit, but people from the water reserve handled it and we are saved.

To end our morning flash news today, the cats totally enjoyed their new Netfish installment. The tank is always bustling and all sort of cats are always lining up by the sides when I open the cover.

When feeding the fish movie stars earlier, various cats are trying to drink from the TV tank but I warned them off. However, my cellphone rang and a courier told me he is outside to deliver some vitamins. When I hung up, Jack (cat, not Sparrow) jumped to the tank. He only has one eye. As we all know, landing with only one engine is very risky. Jack slipped and went straight into the aquarium.

Jack is 4 kgs (8 pounds) adult cat, so our netfish channel was out of service for a few minutes while waiting for the movie stars to stop rambling about a Boeing 737 hitting their home and some of the crew went missing, but the crisis is well resolved in due time because Search And Rescue team is nearby.

Jack has long hair.

~ Josie

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