I have to decide, and I have to decide it fast. The motorbike taxi is driving me right into the eye of bad traffic and once we get in there it will be centuries under this freaking hot sun until we’re turning crisps before we got out.

Not fast enough.

But in the middle of a tight squeeze between other motorcycles and whoever it is with the same share of heat complaints as I am, I slipped down the motorcycle while telling my driver I will be right back before he even creep forward through the road sandwich.

People look at me and some think I won’t get through. Only thin stick model can slip between the jam packed road.

Well I might not be as pretty as a model, but I can squeeze through and they can eyeball on me with disbelief anytime.

Once at the pedestrian, many more obstacles. Stalls, flat tire repairman, cattle stock seasonal seller…

And then, the 24 hrs pharmacy.

It’s not what’s inside, it’s that black speck on the outside. A senior high school girl with hijab just kick that speck aside. She was gone when I got there, but it was the kicking that prompt me to jump, who cares about a bitch spout.

Two steps away, and that little black kitten turned around and walk toward me.

I still wonder how my smell is like to cats, that kittens came running to me like a fan toward their celebs.

This one didn’t run though. He just walked weakly and sit right in front of my toes.

I picked him up, look at his face, and knew he wouldn’t make it there with just food.

I squeeze around with him back to my ride just in time for a clearance and my driver didn’t waste any second.

It took him a little while before the radar on his nose started working. As I suspected, he scrambled around even when the chunk of tuna I gave him is just two steps away.

He hugged his tuna, sat down and eat. One tiny piece after another.

I told everyone to leave him alone and prepare food for the rest.

That’s the great thing about Whiskers’ Syndicate that I always proud of. No matter how hungry the cats are, they never took anything from the sick, the old, the dying. Ever.

When everyone is full, over and out, I looked for the little black kitten and put him on the filing cabinet so I can look at him better.

He lost one eye, and whatever left from that eye was sticking on his face; alongside dried crisp pus, blood, mucus, et cetera.

I took soft non woven and wet it with disinfectant, then clean him up.

The cleaner his ex-eyes, the more he squirmed. Good thing. He can feel the cold of the liquid and it means I only have thin layer of whatever.

I put some gel under his nose and see if he likes anything. First tomlyn, then vedco, then nutri gel. I have a lot of those because different cats love different brands.

He chose Gimpet, from Germany. It’s rare species and one tube is more expensive than the other brands from America or Korea, but bottle babies lick them at will and it bounced them back very, very fast.

Oh, and it doesn’t have syrup and it’s paste but not gooey.

At the end of two hours long of cleaning, de-worming, dropping revolution, he looked at me, wondering.

I put him down near everyone else on the bathroom mat, and he was sort of taken aback that so many other kittens took him just like that.

Except for Cali, obviously. He was not so happy to have yet another competitor for the right to sleep on mama.

At night when I feed the kittens, I pick him up from where he was sleeping in the living room and put him in front of the plate.

He wouldn’t budge.

I tried adding a little of baby food on his tongue and he ran away spattering things.

There are still plenty of ulcers and sores in those little mouth, so it means he hasn’t get over his Chlamydia.

I gave him another dose of paste and he licked it just like the morning he first tasted it. He didn’t take the antibiotics too well, but I think he will get over it when he got better.

He looked around then, to Miss Kitty, Cali, Kaka, Moppet and Bandit. He looked at Libby, and Jack, and Julia, and Kyu. He looked at Thelma.

Funny thing is, he choose Cali.

Cali was about to protest at first, but then he looked at me, with his round eyes and exotic cat face.

Oh well.

Cali just sat there, and the black kitten knew it then

His search is over. He is home.



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