Howdy Friday Syndicates

Howdy Friday Syndicates,

My modem died last night. It wasn’t new when I got them, and it’s been on life support for quite a while so I understand if it finally submitted retirement. I am a mean boss, so I won’t answer to its request just yet. Instead, I will take it to the guy who used to fix my computer. Though he usually meddle with laptops and all sort, he has good knowledge of cellphones and repetitively resuscitate my late Sony quite a number of time that it stayed alive long enough until I secured enough fund to buy new phone. I will push my luck and take it for granted. If he can fix it, he will fix it and my modem should be slaves as long as it can possibly endure, if not, then, well, it’s time for another major spending (just at the time when I should be saving for mortgage next week)

Now, if I am to do so, I will have to do it today because our town will be closed tomorrow. Our President will come to Bandung to celebrate the Independence Day Parade (sort of like Britain’s Trooping of Colors). Usually, the celebration is in Jakarta, however, in responding to hardline spiritualists and extremist alike, he made a creative breakthrough by requiring all his minister to attend Independence day ceremony (ours is on August 17th) wearing their ethnic traditional clothing to highlight how diverse Indonesia actually are. For first time in history, all of our former presidents join him in the palace. In other various occasions, he made a brilliant moves to show that our nation’s strength lies in our diversity. Our national motto is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika – sanskrit – Unity in Diversity.

All of those hardliners and extremist can scream all they like; and while the orange fuhrer of the free world blabber, he counter his adversaries with action that speaks louder than twitter. Hello world, MY president.

Well, this year’s parade will be in Bandung. The horses marched to the governor’s mansion last night. I watch them with Elinor’s colony. I am waving Whiskas pouch, they (the cats) were munching Whiskas pouch.

A bit more personally, I have a confession. I got writer’s block; in trying to digest my Australian daddy’s passing, Sierra’s disappearance, and the coming September 9. I tried my best, but whatever it is in my head just jumbled into one gigantic mess.

I know I cannot take a day off. A decade of experience taught me quite well that if I don’t show up even for one day, everyone go the other side. Besides, I don’t want to disappoint those who made all the effort of coming to our page and see what is going on.

So, if I may, there won’t be a long novel today; but there will be a collection of short stories on Mobster For Hire. There will be streams of instagram, and of course, twitter.

Hopefully it will give me enough time to go out and fix my modem without abandoning my friends. Hopefully it will give me enough time to breathe and sort things out one after another, without losing the chance to close our fundraising. We only have USD 60 to go this week, so if one of you are lucky today and found some coins between the sofa, I hope you’d be kind and share because we might need a little bit of extra luck today as well.

I’ll be going round the mountain screaming Sierra’s name like a maniac, but I don’t think I care what I look like as long as I can get her back. Sierra was taped shut inside a drinking water box and dumped in my front yard two years ago. I was out for work then so she stayed in that box, without any air holes, under the sun and the rain, until I found her two hours before midnight. I guess we figured out why she is claustrophobic. It is also the reason why I don’t feel like losing her just so she can be abused like the first time. Enough is enough.

Next, I’ll start the Mobster for Hire TV series with our ninja: Degas.

Stay tuned!

~ Josie


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