Honestly, life has been throwing all sort of things on me at the same time every day that if one day things come in order and let me breathe, life probably turned dull.

So it shouldn’t come at any surprise that, in the middle of catching up with various things in half an hour that left before I have to run to the colony, a stranger popped on my whatsapp.

From the first line of the message peeking from my notification bar, it must be one of my neighbors. One after another, the words of mouth came whispering by from those who have spayed and neutered their cats, telling stories about what difference spaying and neutering changes their lives for the better.

People wants to know. Some disappear right back, some took the leap of faith and never been happier.

When I opened the message, however, I did not recognize the woman whose photo is on the profile. So midway, I stopped our conversation about spaying and neutering, to ask who she is, as politely as I can.

She told me that one of my neighbors told her sister about how nowadays she can sleep in peace after spaying her female cat. She can let her cat out at night so the cat won’t have to stay in the cage the whole day, and not worry about her cat coming home with bulk kittens in her belly. The sister of my neighbor, is her neighbor.

Well, whatever, that’s how word of mouth works.20953143_697825607081844_7040384965029880885_n

She told me a story about a little tortie kitten who found her way in her porch one day, and out of mercy, she took the cat in, feed her, and the cat stayed home since. Like my neighbor, and myself, more or less, she locked her cat in the house during the day when she is at work, and let the cat out at night so she can go for a walk and stretch her limbs a little bit.

The tortie cat, whom she named Me-O, stretched four kittens.
She gave all the kittens to the other, but of course, there is more, and more, and more, and more.

Now she has six. She is not financially adequate and all the cats have strained her in many aspects literally. Neighbors complained, her husband smiled less though he support her regardless, but she need to stop it from going worse.

She told me straight out that she doesn’t have money. She told me right then that she was at the last of her wit, when her neighbor told her about the sister and the sister’s neighbor who love cats enough to help those with financial restriction to keep their cats, strangers or not.

20915543_697825580415180_5229041001390897653_nShe said it didn’t take her too long to gain courage and contacted me anyway because she knew I might be her last back door.

She was taken aback when I easily said “I will help, but you have to keep the cats, or find them another home with proper screening”

But all the way before that, I need to make sure that after she dropped her cats off at my place so my kitty ambulance vet can work on them, she will return to take her cats back.

She gave me confidence.

All night long, I try to imagine what life is like for her. She doesn’t know any vet, she doesn’t have baskets to put the six cats, she doesn’t have…

When she showed up on my front door this morning, I saw four cats running around freely in her old, tiny car.

All of them are clean, maybe cleaner than my own cats. All of them well fed, all of them peeking through the window with glistening eyes and sheer curiosity.

She has no idea that unlike humans who retains courtesy, cats might just lunge and kill each other in contact with strangers.

It was a little chaotic then. I was still in the middle of scooping poop when she came and it’s kind of ridiculous chasing four guest cats who runs around my house swatting my cats.

Now that she slipped out of the door and go to work, however, It dawned on me that I must have looked so funny her cheek turned that red.

Not so funny because I haven’t post and it’s already past ten am. It’s midnight everywhere else in the world and people will stop coming and see us if I keep running late.

Sigh. Things that life do to me.

Half an hour later, the house fell completely silent.

So silent I thought someone gassed and kill everyone else.

I peeked through the door and find the tortie cat lounging on one of the bigger cages. What I thought was a black kitten, turned out to be a tuxedo with the marking similar to a sun bear on her chest and underside. She is climbing the kitchen window, and Moppet chased her tail. The tabby dug my laundry basket and bury herself in, the yellow one just sit there in the wide open hallway.20953545_697825617081843_8431447358870389910_n

Past the sniffing around and growling and hissing greets, my cats didn’t even care.

My kitty ambulance vet texted me asking how I am doing, and if she can pick the cats up already or whether she need to bring some sedation shots.

I told them what’s going on and I can imagine she laughed at the other side of the phone.

At the end of today, I will have to spend USD 140 to spay all of them, while their lady works so she can pay me back as much as she can.

So, if ever someone asked where their donation is going, this is one of the many places. I cannot take anymore cat, but I can help others kept theirs. I cannot change the world overnight, Hitler tried and almost succeeded, but he failed in the end, but I can change the world of a cat, one whiskers at a time. It is why we are The Whiskers’ Syndicate.

I cannot help as much, doing things alone, but if you and me do it together, we can reach much more. It takes time, we can’t change the world overnight, but we can change the world of one more cat. Then we’ll see about the other.

That is why you and I are The Whiskers’ Syndicate. We turn life around, one beat after another.

Join me?

~ Josie

One spay cost USD 35. One neuter cost USD 20. If you prefer to sponsor just one spay for one of these ladies, use the link above and put a note. I will set it aside specifically for the spaying.

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