Sleeping With God

“What do you think she is doing now?”, she asked.
“Hmm…” I responded, but my mind was not in answering her question. “Maybe playing”

I glanced at her for a second, she was sitting straight. I can see that she is sleepy, but something is missing.

“Shouldn’t she be sleeping?” she asked again.

I stopped typing and look at her. I know there are a lot of things she must have wanted to ask. She got me to answer her but even I can’t satisfy her curiosity sometimes.

“Maybe” I smile, “You should be sleeping. You used to be sleeping at this hour”

“She used to be sleeping with me”

I know. “Well”, I stroke her hair and run my finger through those fine strands “Angels don’t need to sleep, as with God”

“That should be fun” Half of her thinks it’s great, the other half, not so sure. She is a child after all. There are many things running in child’s mind.

She turned around, and then laid down, trying to curl up into the night.

I didn’t stop her. I just turned back to my computer and start typing again.

“Would sleeping with God the same like sleeping with you?”

There’s no helping talking to curious kid.

I turned back at her, “Maybe. I have never been there before, but I think, you know, I have this feeling that it’s a lot lot lot better”

“Like?” she pursued the lead

“Like it’s warmer, and cozier” I tried my best, “And then there’s no pain, there’s no sickness, and you got to sleep any way you like, any time you like, anywhere you like”

“Like you won’t get some sore neck when we slept all over you”

I laughed “Haha, yeah, sure. That too”

“Will there be many friends?” she asked again.

“As much as you like”

“That’s not fair” she sort of protested. “I’ve only got her and she choose to be where she can have as much as she likes”

“Because she is special” I really am not sure. Part of me understands what is happening and the other part share her envy.

“What kind of special?”

“Well, she is younger than me, and she is smaller than me” I explained, “And yet she went through a lot more than we do. All of our suffering and trials combined would not take half of what she has to go through”

My little friend shrugs “To each their own”

“Still, in her short and painful life, she touches people around the world” I continued, “From here, this town, to other places in this country, to Australia, and America. To the land where God Saves The Queen, to Canada, and aaaalll the way up to Norway; she touched many with her life story and get them together in the name of love, compassion, sympathy, and faith”

Before my little friend replied, I finished taking my breath and continued, “If she had been a human, she’d be worthy of a Nobel Prize”

She looked at me. “Is that more important than a friend?”

Cheza turned around, looking out through the window. She didn’t say anything.

Six hours prior, the empty space beside her was Hero. The one and only. She would go out for the litter box or a sip of water, but as soon as I opened the door, she will slip right in and back to the top of the bed for Hero. Eat with Hero, play with Hero, roll with Hero, snuggle with Hero, sleep with Hero. Harass Hero, slap Hero, got bitten by Hero, almost lost an eye because of Hero, fought Hero, love Hero.

Just like Cheza has her own luck, from hot pavement to warm tote bag to cool places and eat quiche at Starbucks, Hero has her own luck. She was ran over by car, her left leg crushed to pieces and had to be amputated. Her right knee was forced out of its kneecap and she was abandoned at the roadside for maggots, but she lives. A kind lady picked her up, fought for her life and then we met, and she lives. She was handled by the most senior veterinarian in the whole town, with millions of practicing hour and very many kind of mishap ever done to an animal, and she lives. Her right leg was amputated and she lives. She had to wait until the first surgery heals before the other leg can be fixed, she cannot wait. That leg gone really bad, and the guy at the other side think enough is enough, and she – I think – rather gladly accepted.

See? Hero is of different league.

I closed my laptop. I stood up, and hold her in my arms. “She went away, doesn’t mean you are not important. I am sure she made a hard decision to go away. After all, she stayed here for so long while she can go two weeks ago; but her duty here is done. Her mission was accomplished, now she has to do bigger things and while she done so, she is waiting for us to catch up with her”

Cheza looked at me.

I look at her. “Be as strong as her, as enduring as her, as courageous as her” I said. “Nothing goes away until it teaches us what we need to know”

Cheza walked away from my arm and curl up at that spot, where was Hero.

She is too young to understand, maybe; though cats are known to be God that never forget that fact. She is three months old after all, like her BFF. And yet nothing has never shown me so very clearly what BFF can mean.

I sat there quietly, keep stroking her soft fine fur until she fell asleep; in peace.

Just like at the other side of horizon, her counterpart is now in peace.

~ Josie

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