As the party slowly goes to the end, I saw myself yawning, as much as the little one who always sat by by side, if Daisy the black cat she always follow went to the back for some air.

I have never thought the party would last this long, and that people will spend so much fun picking gifts because the first day was just as empty as now.

“So, from now on you will be called Bandit”, my caretaker said, when she came and lay us on each of her shoulder. “And little baby is Queenie”

She came home later and later lately, but she said, that is also because we are bigger and bigger. We can go to the box on our own now, and we know where the fresh spring water is. A tall container that will say “plop” every now and then, when it blew bubble one or two as I drink.

It startled me once, but its fun when someone blow you kisses when you drink isn’t it?

We went into our caretaker’s room and jump on that fluffy, bouncy mattress. It always feel cool and soft when our paws touch it, and it makes us want to roll all over because it felt so good and comfy.

These days, we don’t get to sleep on that mattress as long as we used to. Sometime when light start to break through the window, we will wake our caretaker up, and asked to go outside. Nature’s call.

We’ll march outside, going left and right through sleeping cats and our friends, and we’ll stay out until they are awake and we play.

Not with that grumpy mother though. Ginger’s mother. She growls to everyone and she doesn’t like us to go near.

I haven’t ask my caretaker what Bandit means, but my caretaker said, I am the first in the family to ever have that name. So is Queenie”

“It’s a good name and it means so much because it came from a wonderful lady who gave so much to her country, and even more for the cats, and especially to us” that was what our caretaker said.

Well, maybe that’s what it means, and it’s good for me.

It start to feel heavy in the eye, by the way. I don’t know what happened, but it’s always like this many times of the day, especially after we played so much.
The baby had given up. She just curl up and sleep. She is a little different, she is slower than us when she runs, though she tried to keep up, she ate less, though our caretaker gives her more gel, she sleeps a lot more than us, but she is good to be with when she is around.

I yawned again. My head is heavier; and heavier, and heavier.

Soon it will be dark; I can’t see a thing. But the next will be light breaking through the window.

Like the nanny said, “And then there is a new day and a name to remember”

My name is Bandit and the little one next to me is Queenie.


~ Bandit (then B/W kitten)

With endless gratitude to each and everyone of you kind ladies and fairy Godmothers who dropped by and send the babies your best wishes; here is the final count of our baby shower:


B/W Kitty:
Siri 3 votes
Lily 2 votes
Oreo 2 votes
Bandit 5 votes

Calico baby:
Gololi 3 votes
Luna 2 votes
Queenie 5 votes

Love and many blessings to you all <3



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