Tu Tu Cute

I have never found myself hauling garbage so fast in my life. I hauled about 15 kg (30 lbs) of garbage every Monday and Thursday (explains why I don’t need to throw money for gym at the time being) and use all my martial art skill to clean up the house. Thank Foodness I am not descended from Kung Fu Panda.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t reach the vet clinic at 11; when our Hero is still feisty and fresh.

There was only two vets at the clinic and not too much patient yet, so they can spend as much time as possible figuring out what to do with Hero’s stabilized leg.

My chest puffed with pride when the senior pet said “You did amazing” Yeah, sure, I’ll take that. Fixing a rotten and watery ulcers, caring for cracked bone stuck out of some leg and a kitten undeterred by bitter lime into minimum risk and perfectly operable three months old within three days is a feat.

The vet was worried that Hero will be too weak to endure a long surgery so they doubled down on preparation. Everyone said three times their prayers and wish Hero luck many more times than they were with others.

It has been over 10 days since she first got crushed, so many of her veins, arteries and muscles changed place. Her body had started to adapt to her physical condition after the crash. Some of the nerves and muscles and blood vessels shrunk, some enlarged, some other just adhere to different places to hold her leg’s mass together and keep the remaining healthy leg usable.

Those are about the only things that makes the surgery complicated. Tied up the correct nerves and muscles and blood vessels so they won’t burst out when the bad part of the leg were removed and her sewn skin won’t rip when she flexes her leg. Vets need to make sure the correct place, shape and pathway for the sutures to accommodate some stretch as she grows.

What was supposed to be at least six hours surgery, ended in two. What was anticipated to be hours watching her going back to consciousness ended in 30 minutes.

Last week, when we had to cut her decomposed, dangling leg, I went to my regular pet shop for supplies and despite her smell, everyone, male or female shed tears for Hero. They swept me off my feet when one of them grab a pack of underpads that I need and said “it’s from me”. The other gave her a deodorizer and antiseptic spray. One of the girls grab a bunch of soft collars to be used on her next surgery.

Even the smallest collar is too big for 3 months old Hero and she slip out of it in minutes. I tried to fit the neck better with masking tape and she broke through it. I tried to just sew it fit and she ripped it off.

The first night she went home after the surgery, she pulled two stitches off.

Me: *facepalm*

At least I know I am doing a good job.

At the end we settle with a skirt. The hole on the collar got stuck on her belly and she can’t pull it off, nor squeeze through it.

So here she is; wearing her tutu.

I think I am going to get her one in hot pink; she might like that better.

Or maybe a tartan? She might look more “heroic” in a kilt.

~ Josie



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