Repeat, we need cover.

Our brilliant chief strategist Christine had enabled us to buy cat food in advance, and I have been rolling head over heels trying to keep the advantage. Our other friend Sheila chipped in to help us with storage, so the cat food won’t be piling up on the floor in humid and damp weather.

For the first few weeks, I have managed to cover the shelves where our food ration was kept and let our mobsters use the rest of the shelves for themselves.

In the past week, however, I have noticed signs of trespassing, and on certain dark nights, heard invisible footsteps, and ghostly scratching. One time I even heard kibbles falling!

I didn’t sleep at all one particular night (and some others) and ambushed these spies.They have been installed by our counterpart in See-silly (that’s in Italy, folks) and have infiltrate to undermine our efforts in the war against starvation.

You must agree that this kind of act is unacceptable. We paid enough tributes, buckets of them and ninety dishes twice a day and they still try to extort more.

I am calling all seamstresses of The Whiskers’ Syndicate for back up. Mount your scissors and fat quarters and set the line of yarns and cottons to cover us and ward the intruders off. Or if you would rather commission someone else sew it for us, you may have it your way.

Basket of colors gladly accepted.

We need a fabric basket with cover. Preferably thick, durable fabric, like canvas, or cotton with batting, or anything that can hold hidden claws and repel sniff attempts. It doesn’t have to be as stiff as a box because cat food sacks will hold it standing. Check the link provided below for idea.

Size is 40 cm (15.7 inches) long, 31 cm (12.2 inches) deep (including lid), and 30 cm (11.8 inches) wide.

Come and cover us ASAP.


PS. The intruders have been identified. Rexie II, Marmalade, rank: Captain. and Neo, Ebony, rank: ninja. Further investigation ongoing according to Geneva convention.

For our war chest and world domination effort:

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