I’m the B/W Kitty!


“See?” our nanny winked at us. “More aunties and uncles will come, they just live incredibly far away, so it takes a little bit of time for them to arrive”

And you know what? We have some serious contender in the party!

First come Aunty Amanda voting for Aunty Sibylle and nanny said “Go Loli, Go!”

I asked her what Loli is, she said, it’s a candy, and we eat that just like we licked our paws after we have dinner. But then she seemed to change her mind and said Loli is like Lolita, cute, adorable and girly.

Well, not for me. Glad I am not the one ended up with that name.

But then nanny got serious and said that Gololi means marble in Swahili language.

Not sure what Swahili language is, but I am sure cats don’t speak those because there’s no meow sound on it.

Little baby looks like marble though. The one that has many colors on surface and can also roll on the floor.

Still I think nanny should make up her mind which one is the right thing.

Oh, and then came Aunty Jenn, and she gifted the name “Arya” for me and “Sansa” for the other baby.

Nanny went “Whoa! I think it’s going to be as tough as the games of thrones after this!”

I asked her what she meant, but then she said, “Oh, never mind the throne, it looked ugly and your bed is heaven compared to that. Sitting on that throne will give you hemorrhoid! but Arya and Sansa is the sweetest pair of sisters”

Well, OK then.

I remembered nanny told me that the best always comes last, and I think that’s right. Because the last one to come and drop by is Aunty Lynne with her super jet and she literally blow every one out of the competition with some sort of black box that sounded click click and purrr.

I asked nanny what kind of cat is that, and nanny said she doesn’t know. “Maybe Canon Eos” she said.


And then Aunty Lynne gifted me with the name “Bandit” and the little one “Queenie”

“Do I look like Bandit?” I asked.

“Oh aye!” said nanny. Me: “What?” “You are one heck of a bandit because you sneaked around death and stole all our hearts in the process”


And we might end up with a new novel.

There goes nanny again talking to herself.

“The 1001 adventures of Sansa Luna the Queenie of Gololi and Lily Arya The Bandit from Siri Valley”

It sounds like it will be a long weekend, but I hope it will be fun when more Aunties and Uncles come.

Thank you, aunties for making my day a better day. I know the little baby feeling better too. See for yourself!

Just in case you missed the baby shower opening, to RSVP, invest five kibbles (translated to USD 5) to send us a gift of a name. You can choose your own, or vote for the existing one. One vote/one name, five kibbles. Really easy. You push the long whatever name below and put five kibbles.


Our party so far:

B/W Kitty:
Siri (by Aunty Sibylle) + 2 votes (by Aunty Amanda) score 3
Lily (By Aunty Lorena) score 1
Oreo (by aunty Tori) score 1
Bandit (by Aunty Lynne) + 4 votes. Score 5

Calico Baby:
Gololi (By Aunty Sibylle) + 2 votes (by Aunty Amanda) score 3
Luna (By Aunty Lorena) score 1
Queenie (By Aunty Lynne) + 4 votes. Score 5

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