Aren’t we Lonesome Tonight?


The world is black and white today, just like my fur. It’s so sad. No one came to our baby shower and offer us a name. It felt so empty and so forlorn. We are tired of waiting, so we fell asleep.

Our caretaker said it must be her fault because we both are so cute and adorable. We tried our best to look sweet in our photos, so everyone will come to our party. Do you think Josie is lying just to cheer us up?

She said she will try again and when we wake up there will be more to come and greet us.

Three aunties did come and drop us a present though. Auntie Sibylle gave me the name Siri, said it means “secret” because I have some secret recipe to stay healthy when everyone seemed to be sick. She also gifted the name Gololi (isn’t that cute?) to my little wee sister here.


Aunty Lorena gifted a name Lily, and Josie said it’s a sweet name, though I cannot ever sniff or eat Lily or I will drop faint and die. For my sister she gave the name Luna, I think because she looks like the moon. Yellow with specs of gray.

Aunty Tori gave me the name Oreo. That’s a cookie name. One day I am going to be bigger than a cookie though!

I hope everyone will come though. We will be happy if more will come throughout the weekend! Our nanny said it is important to have USD 5 investment on each our future when gifting us our names.

We’ll be seeing you! (I hope)

Better late than never. We don’t want to make babies cry.
RSVP to our baby shower. Invest kibbles into these babies’ better future and give them a name. Go here and drop five kibbles (equals USD 5):…

If you see the name you like and want to vote for that name, send five kibbles (equal USD 5) for each name in the comment, or on the PayPal note.

So far we have:
B/W kitty
Siri from Sibylle Lashley
Lily from Lorena Delgado
Oreo from Tori Taylor

Calico baby:
Gololi from Sibylle
Luna from Lorena


For general donations, go here:

See you in our party!


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