Temper, Temper

One of the vet at the clinic got a call from home about her toddler daughter vomiting, so she excuse herself and left the client waiting. The child have just been released from hospital the other day.

We are going to have more needles on Donna that day and I wanted to make sure I do it right, so I waited for the other vets to come.

A graying man with two picnic baskets came from the back door whistling, slid the two basket on the floor and look around. He is a regular client, a Pomeranian breeder.

He rummaged the observation table, drop a plastic cup, kick something when he picked it up, and finally get the cotton bud he was looking for. He proceeded to poke the Pom’s bottom and turned on the microscope. He was looking at when his commodity can produce.

He mumbles, he grumbles, I pretend he does not exist.

He opened a glass cupboard where all the injections were kept, ripped open a syringe with his mouth, and grab a bottle of hormone. Continuing his deliberate show off, he draw one heckuva dose for a Pom, and on to the next show of “me the great”

In the west, it’s an outrage. Here, he has the money, he is the boss.

Senior vet came in and was pissed at what happened, dropped her bags inside the locker so very loudly (catharsis) and tag me. I took Donna and follow her.

He continues to walk around trying to get attention like some sorry kid, but none pays him one. Left out clients were getting impatient and ready to pound each other toes as long as they can get to the door first.

I lost my temper when Donna kept fussing around. A needle flew and stuck on my eyelid. It stung like hell. Though I didn’t say anything, Donna can read it in my eyes, and sit down tight.

She fell asleep hugging my arm, so I have to use voice command on my cell phone. If my calculation is right, it’s about time the lady arrived to town.

I slipped away to no avail on the next phone call. Running to the back and flung the door open hastily to the face of two elderly ladies, one of them holding a new born kitten in a soft blanket like a treasure. My young rescuer friend was standing behind her with the crushed kitten.

Old lady pleaded her case and asked for emergency treatment. I knew I wasn’t supposed to do this, but I took her aside, and hold the newborn in my hand. It was cold, its head dangling down.

“Madam, I am very sorry, your kitten went away”

“Really?” I saw she was struggling to hold her tears.

I touched the kitten again, I too was hoping to find just a single weak heartbeat, but there was none.

I shook my head, trying to be as sympathetic as possible. “My heart broke for you. I am very sorry”

The other one lost her temper “But the body is not stiff”

“Yes mam. Died creatures, as with human, will not be stiff right away, It takes time, but what was taken (by the Lord), cannot be revived. I am very sorry”

The lady holding the kitten cried. I felt like a jerk.

I made way for my rescuer friend and she brought the kitten in. The senior vet was right behind us, vet tech joined in a second.

“Is this THE kitten?” asked the vet. I don’t blame her, none of us in the room believed it. You won’t either if you saw her meowing and standing and trying to grab things just to get away from the hand of strangers who surrounds her.

“Yes” said my friend.

We took the kitten to the surgery table, the vet draw open the X ray with such force with the look of disbelief.

“OK, the leg was crushed”, she said, and then she tried to read the name of the vet who recommend the kitten to be put down


While everybody was busy looking at the X Ray, Donna snuggled the squirming kitten and calm her down, I read the recommendation.

“If the urinary part bursts, should he supposed to be dead right now?” I pointed to the very lively kitten biting off my finger.

“And he got IV”

The vet eyeballed at me. I keep reading.

“Three months kitten, not a he, a she, there’s female sign here”, I read aloud. “Got bruises on abdomen, USG cannot find urinary parts so probably it burst, fracture on fibula, get amoxicillin, and 4 bottles of IV fluid…”

Senior vet grabbed the paper I was reading. I can read all of those. I am a pharmacist. She can read all of those, she just can’t believe it.

I continued “Vet is not Tamar. It’s Tamara”

Senior vet lost her temper when she slapped the letter to the table. “What’s with all this, if she can’t handle it, refer, but she shouldn’t recommend to kill animal like it was a shred of paper. Let’s do this all over again. Clean her up, do another USG, make this right”

Vet tech shaved and cleaned her off some remaining maggots, they got out of the room and came back in a jiffy. “We have very pretty urinary parts!”

I grinned.

Vet tech lost his temper when he put the kitten down for further cleanup. “That place had USG, had X Ray, that we can only dream of, but cannot read USG, misread X Ray and easily recommend an animal to be put down over a cracked heel. Idiot”

“And what’s this, this is where the IV went in, and instead of some dressing they fold down some facial tissue, wrap her wrist and tied it together with… cellotape? Huh!”

When I later spoke to the kind lady who brought the kitten all the way down to Bandung, two hours drive, she told me how the vet told her to just “Let the kitten go, bring it to the vet at Ragunan zoo because it’s helpless”

She said she protested very hard. “Death is not mine to decide! God gives us mandate to guard life, not to take them, please do what you can to help the kitten stay alive, I will bring her down to see the competent vet”

It was clear she probably lost her temper as well then.

Senior vet was done with her temper when she delivered her verdict.

No, the cat is not dying. No, she doesn’t have to be put down. No, she will not lose two legs, she will only lose one, No, nothing ruptured. Yes, she is going to be OK.

If you are squeamish, skip the video. Basically it shows the vet tech trying to shave the kitten as fast as he can while explaining what part of the leg was broken and how. He also shows which part of the kittens’ leg would need to be amputated.

But just in case, it also show how Donna lost her temper, paddled toward the kitten and snuggled her up to calm her down.

It works wonder.

~ Josie


Watch the video: Donna comforted Hero

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