To all our friends who are not too busy posting selfies, checking in fancy restaurant, or share photos of wine and vacation destinations, I am inviting you to our baby shower.

The white and yellow sweet pea down here is Ginger, named by her rescuer, but Ginger’s newfound, black and white sister have not get a name yet.

Our little girl was crying three days straight in front of a closed door, I thought at first she has a home but was either accidentally locked out or follow her mama and accidentally left behind. Unfortunately, on the fourth day, the door opened, but instead of a warm welcome, she got kicked away. There was traces of wet dirt on her fur when I picked her up.

While everyone in the house was busy warding off Panleukopenia that almost wiped us clean, she cruise away unscathed. Not even a sneeze, not a single drop of diarrhea. Nothing. She ate like usual, she plays like usual, she run around everywhere and although I have been trying to quarantine her to stay clean, she practically trotted everywhere and walk free.

Perhaps crying day and night three days straight is a good exercise?

No matter what, she deserve a name. A name you and I would call her lovingly, and that she would be proud to have.

In the next picture, is the fan box baby. She is smaller than her peer though she is more or less the same age as Ginger. She was dumped in a fan box with her mama and thrown to the middle of the road. After her mother was spayed, mother ran away to find other babies while she was left in our care. The best choice out of the worse and I commend her mother’s tactical perfection, even though it’s work for me. Her mother is still around, she would usually come around dusk or in the evening after watching me away to check on Elinor’s colony to eat at the porch with other trap and return as well as our outdoor mobsters.

She is sickly, most likely immune compromised. She got sick easily and seemed to catch everything. She is too small to endure various tests that most likely require drawing blood, and too young to be vaccinated, if it is ever possible considering her condition. Every vet warned me that I should be ready for the worst and I understand where those advice come from. Still I promise to give all the best care no matter how long or short she lives.

Still, she needs a name too. A sweet and graceful name that suit her petite stature. A name that represent hope she will carry as long as she can.

So, let’s shower these babies with our love. Come along and bring them some gift. USD 5 donation to The Whiskers’ Syndicate (link below) and a name. One name, five Dollars. You can suggest as many names as you like, or you can support a suggested name by adding your vote, also USD 5 per vote. It’s very simple. Five Dollars investment in their care and better future for one name or one vote.

Like every party, the more, the merrier. Share far and wide and invite your friends and family to support you by adding their contribution to vote for your submitted name.

I have the music started. Now they are waiting for you at the door with me holding a sign behind them (shh, don’t tell). It reads “Don’t leave the babies party goes empty”


For general donations, use below:

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