UPDATE Saturday, May 13, 2017 23:05

If you have difficulties reading from the picture, I have posted a copy-paste form here: https://www.facebook.com/wearethewhiskerssyndicate/posts/654714918059580

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Following consultation with an expert and authority of the veterinary association, I have filed my formal complaint for the mishandling of baby Celia yesterday.

We have a case.

Hearing is on May 19. All three veterinarians will have to explain before a panel of senior practitioners appointed by the Association of Veterinarian about the fiasco.

Below is a scan of my formal complaint, translated to English. I usually translate a lot better, but I have to divide my attention to three things while trying to control my inflamed anger. Still I try because I think you might want to, and deserve to know. Celia was treated with your money after all.

In other note, while I truly want to just catch up with my fund raising and move on, the mishandling have left all my schedules in disarray.
We have currently raised USD 325 for our weekly fund raising, and more will be spent if the hearing proceeds further.

We need USD 500 every week to keep our door open for unfortunate cats in Bandung. Indeed I have managed the shelter by myself so far, but I alone cannot handle everything and fix every issues. I have trusted the Veterinarian’s Association to represent Celia, now I turned to you to help me catch up with fund raising, while I tried my best to make up all the time, energy and treatment and spent away from the Syndi-cats during this infuriating time.

Thank you very much for all of you who stand and walk by us all this time. I cannot describe how immense my gratitude and gladness to have you by our side.

~ Josie


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