Here’s something funny.

I have just done taking a bath. As the sound of water trickles out I heard a kitten screaming in the living room.

I haven’t got dressed yet so I just poke my head out and see Sierra looking down on a kitten, puzzled.

The kitten, however, was screaming his throat off at her. MEEEOW! MEEEOW!

Sierra just look on. The kitten screams louder.


And then he looked to the other side, where Kinta sat, looking at the kitten with his round, big eyes


Kinta was like “wth this kitten screaming at me”

It’s not like Sierra to cause a commotion but I found out what’s happening so

“Sierra, move over!”, I said, waving my hand.

My other hand was reaching toward my shirt and soon I have business on my own, with towels and all.

The kitten just keep screaming louder and and louder.


“Sierra!” I poke my head out again, “Move over!”

Sierra was like “What? I didn’t do anything” with that round, bright eyes, made bold with perfect eyeliner.


“Move over!” I was in the middle of pulling up pants to place. It should be easy, but when one is in a rush things somehow tend to tangle.


“Sierra!” I scrambled out and kick a bottle of cleaner I forgot to put back. “Move over, you’re stepping on the kid’s tail” I pointed to her foot as I try to walk my way around various other kittens.

Sierra was like “Huh?” Then she looks down to the direction my finger is pointing, tilted her head for two seconds, and lift her paw.

After which the kitten ran away lashing his tail, grumpy aplenty.

The way the kitten came to us, however, not so funny.

I know where he came from, I know his mother. Kids in that alley call her Katy. After Katy Perry. I feed her and her kittens everyday, and people around have been trying to get me to bring them home. I was waiting for Katy to wean her kids, then I will get her fixed. People love to see her and give her food every now and then. Since she is long hair, some of her litters will have long hair. Those kittens tend to go missing early, snatched to be sold or to breed. Who doesn’t want free money? People pass long hair domestic as “Angora” here and with Bandung smart talking talents, people are buying anyway. Only in Indonesia everyone has different definition of certain breed and if all won’t work, invented a new one.

And I beat myself for doing nothing so long. Not enough money.

The little one here is Katy’s latest bunch of litters. She had five, two long hair, three short hair. The long haired ones are long gone, but now that I made a deal with the new vet, I am looking forward to get Katy to be fixed.

Since people saw me blasting neighbor across the house for dumping a cat (who later died the same day) under my fence, my mouthy neighbor has spread the news of how nasty I actually am all over the hill. I practically feed that leaky woman, and a lot of candies and snacks and bottled water for their kids, so they won’t massacred their vending machine, but it doesn’t mean they couldn’t leave kittens or sick cats right around the corner, in front of the community garden, for me to find.

That’s how the kid join us. Screaming his lungs out in front of my house the whole evening when I was running around town doing chores and head counting feral and strays after the storm, down to 9 pm when I got home.

He saw someone he knows and follow me inside.

It is usually Sierra’s job. She would wait for me on a concrete block on top of our sewer line and run to greet me when I come home. This time other cat done it first.

Maybe that’s why Sierra telepathically trying to ask him question.

Whether or not she deliberately stepped on that poor little tail.

~ Josie


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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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