School restarted on the ninth. Parents went back to work last third. The world is slowly rolling back on track from holiday platform fourth and a fifth.

But there is one corner that doesn’t change. That is Honey. Her resting place is still serene, with wind blowing older cats who somehow turn to love that spot where I used to sit. If only I can hear what their silent conversation, I might know what is going on in the upper world.

Two houses away, that same wind had a little wind chime I hang by my studio, singing the song of the little people no one had yet known.

That little corner is still my sanctuary, though now fuller with outbursts and tumbles that one day will seek to conquer the world.

Just recently they had new addition. Something different, but not quite. With bristle hair unlike others, Adagio learns his new name and embrace his new life. No longer alone, no longer unknown.

It’s a little bit merrier because he breaks the balance of what was perfectly the silent joy two pairs of kittens. Now, whenever I came to run away from my steaming life, there is always at least one out in the corner, on my feet, on my lap, on my shoulder; a watching referee. Once in a while that one will have the need to jump in, plunging into the middle of kittens wrestling like Siamese twin conjoined by their round bellies.

If it was not my phone reminding me about my job, I would have lost in time.

Sure, too much love will kill you. So I’d stand up and turn my back on the addicting lilliputian orchestra. In twelve hours I will be back, because in a world almost devoid of love, I can’t live without them.

~ Josie

Look what you have done. Look what you could have done more.

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