As I thought so, the vets can’t find anything specific. He is indeed exhausted, but otherwise healthy.

There is nothing wrong with his nose, that would prevent him from smelling food. There is nothing wrong with his tongue, there is nothing wrong with his throat. There is nothing wrong with his teeth, there is nothing wrong that would prevent him to chew or lick or swallow food.

There is nothing wrong with his eyes, that would hinder him seeing various cans of cat food, from Friskies to Science Diet to Fancy Feast and many other brands American and abroad that each of us would offer to our little sleeping beauty, who just sit there watching them and all of us pleading and scratching head trying to get him to eat.

We tried those gels too by the way. Tomlyn (USA), Nutri Plus (Virbac, France), Kittyzyme (Netherland), he spat them all out.

We wouldn’t know what’s wrong with his nerves though, we don’t have that technology in our part of the world.

Three hours, and I had this uncanny idea.

I borrowed the vet’s bottles, I borrowed the vet’s kitchen, I bought a packet of kitty milk, made him a yummy, thick, warm solution and give it to our prince.

He suck it all up like October Fest and drank three bottles.

Our sleeping beauty was torn away from his mother before he is weaned.

It can happen when somehow a mother only have one surviving baby. It can happen when the mother is someone else’s pet, because she wouldn’t have produced such healthy boy if she eat off garbage. It can happen and millions all over the world would vouch for it, that a mother will continue to nurse her kitten even if their teeth are full and functioning. We mothers endure so much more pain than we deserve for the sake of species survival, if not love.

In fact it happened to Allegro. While his three siblings all learned to eat and eat on their own the second day after they first dip their nose into the food, Allegro spend the whole week sucking food from his plate until his meat dehydrate. I always have to make his food into small meatballs that he has to bite, but if it took Allegro one week, it took other babies somewhere in between, or maybe more.

So I hatched another evil plan. I took his bottle away, get myself a syringe and drip milk on his nose.

He licks, and sit on my lap, asking for his bottle (with his eyes). A few times and he got used to it.

I drop another on his front paw, and he licks. A few times and he got used to it.

Then I drop milk a little bit away from his paw on the table (cleaned). He licks. A few times and he got used to it.

Then I put a plate and drop milk on it, the size of a dime. He licks.
Before he is done, I add some more, and more and more.

Then I put the rest of the milk in a cup and shove it in front of him.

He stare blankly at the cup at first, but I keep encouraging him and he got the idea, twenty minutes later.

“Josie put a baby in crash course for eating and the baby graduated in fifteen hours” The vet tech laughed.

Of course weaning a cat in 15 hours is too fast, but he is about a week late.

So Friday it will be custard, Saturday it will be beef +milk+egg porridge, Sunday it will be little meatballs; if his tummy can handle it. If not, back to square one, and all over again. His pace, not mine.

It will be one heck of a weekend.

~ Josie.

Meanwhile, I can use a little help in the fund raising department. Just drop a little. It will be the first time we reach our fund raising goal in 2017.

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