Everytime I walked into the clinic, in the afternoon before I go ship out my orders, or in the evening after I go home, the clinic burst into life.

Everyone stand and meows, some just say hi, the other asking for play, some just complained about their bad sickness, and those too weak just stare.

I know the clinic staffs love them. I know the vets loves cats, in fact, 99% of that place is filled with cats; but clinic is not their home, and the staffs are working. They will say hi and pass through them and check on them and care for their illness many times during the day, but it’s business. I do it for fun and I am willing to spend a little time with them that is all love and no mixing more business into pleasure.

Between two feuding tuxedo sibling (name is Mario and Jello) is Sencha. His sutures closed up, his sinuses dried up and his damaged eyes is amazing. Every time the gate to his cell is opened, he burst out like flame; but he has very runny poo yesterday and he looks like he has stomach ache, so I told the vet I want him checked thoroughly one more time and he should stay one extra night to make sure he is all right.

Turned out it’s just the antibiotic. They had to change to another brand temporarily, but as soon as he is off his antibiotics, Sencha is a happy camper.

Sencha pressed his head flat onto the bars of his cage, trying to look at me doing my public high five with wide grin. I felt like Hillary Cllinton on the campaign trail.

He jumped and trampled his food and water when I finally sit in front of his cage and open the door.

He burst out like flame.

He plopped on my lap with his head to the left. And then he wakes up and plopped with his head to the right. He turned belly up and wiggle wiggle wiggle and his fur sticks everywhere.

He stands on my lap and fall stiff like a board onto my chest.

He step out of my lap and run around me like Hiawatha the little Indian.

Everybody laugh. Sencha is their stand up comedy guy.

“Sure, you can go out today” I told him.

Suddenly he becomes serious. He sat in front of me, straight, tail wrapped around his legs.

“People here will take care of you. All you need to do is sit there patiently and they will bring your food and water out, deal?”

Sencha stepped forward and rub his cheek on my chest.

I look at him and raised my right hand. “I solemnly swear that I will not abandon you, that I will pass here every day and check on you and will love you forever and ever. In the name of Jesus Christ the Lord of compassion, so help me God”

The laughs burst out again. One said “That’s so funny”. The other said ” That’s cute”

I sure made it cute and funny, but I also mean it.

Sencha took it seriously. He skips around everyone’s leg and marched out of the clinic like a champion with us hording behind him.

His skips and trots burst out into full run, but we stopped by the door, each trying to fit our heads to the door.

He looks back and the girls all squeals while waving their hands “Aaaw Sencha! Sencha!” Justin Bieber is dust compared to Sencha’s fandom.

He rubs his cheek to the wall one more time and run very, very happily into the wild.

~ Josie.

We didn’t make the last 30 Dollars needed for Sencha’s treatment last week, and we’re USD 30 short of matching our New Year’s challenge that ends today. I don’t know what is it with USD 30 but we hope you would chip in so that we can have more Sencha and more victory. Go here:


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