With Megan departing, life is not the same for me. Although I know Megan’s condition was out of my control, I still feel like a failure because I can’t help her catch up with her undernourishment during her time in pregnancy until the first few months of her life. I took solace in knowing that I did what I could and that for half a year, she lives a good life, but it still hurt to concede. I took solace in knowing that even when her quality of life started to deteriorate, one muscle after another, she still get best treatment, but it still hard to admit.

With Honey departing, just the next day, life is not the same for all of us. We have just started to get used to have her as the center of our universe. Many mothers lost their daughter, many kittens lost their sister.

Many of them are still calling, or looking for her under the fridge (favorite spot). Many of them still follow me to my bed room, peeking, and when they can’t find her, they look at me.

“I am sorry, darling, we won’t have Honey today, but we have Chu behind you waiting to play, would you go?”

“Oh sweetie, Honey is not there, but look, Thelma is alone. I think she would appreciate your snuggle”

“Honey is away for a while, but hey, why don’t you three go chase each other? The sun is out and I think we won’t have rain today!”

We slowly evolve to find our center of universe again; and in that journey, find each other.

Chu, Kyu, Myu-sketeers were brother and sisters, but each has their own relationship with Megan. Chu think of her as a sister. Kyu think of her as a pillow, Myu think of her as a mother. They grew apart and never play together.

In losing Megan, Chu can only find Kyu on the table, sleepy, yet wondering what she should do. Myu can only find Chu.

They ended up cuddling and sleep together.

They ended up playing with each other

They ended up eating together.

They ended up brother and sisters.

Thelma have always think of Honey as her own child, but she never really become attached to Cheetos. She won’t bite him or send him away but she never groom him or let him snuggle either.

But she saw Cheetos was crushed when he lost her. She saw Cheetos lost his appetite, she saw Cheetos sleeping under or behind the fridge, she saw Cheetos looking around with minced meat in his mouth. She knew that the two kittens used to “fight each other” for the next bite. She knew Cheetos lost his merry making friend.

She saw Cheetos slip into my half done studio and didn’t come out for three days.

And then she followed him in and sit by him.

And then she sit by him and groom him.

And then she groom him and snuggle him.

And then they slowly evolve to find the center of their universe again.

And maybe, so should I.

~ Josie

Talking about Cheetos, he has that smelly yeast all over his claws and ear and he is going to the vet today. Thelma is coming.
Send your blessing? It’s wednesday here and we only have USD 70 out of USD 500 we need.


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