Our dear friends; lovely angels,

As I wrote this email, Donna is sitting on my lap; purring, despite the many needles stuck into her spine and head. For you who are new to us, Donna was rescued by a humble fish merchant in Bandung’s traditional market: filthy, damp, wet, stinky, dirty and garbage littered strip of the road just down the hill from our sanctuary.

Donna Nobles, her full name, was after a female friend of Dr. Who. I am sure you all know him. She was two months old when she came into our sanctuary, and three months later, two weeks ago, started limping and immediately paralyzed from hip down. A funny and active kitten, blessed with adorable face and big, round eyes, Donna is now a sad spectacle who dragged both her hind legs everywhere.

Though Indonesia is growing and developing into one of the most prominent country in Asia, our veterinary technology is still very much in the past century. Bandung, breeder capital of Indonesia, does not even have blood lab, and blood test for animals has to be done in human lab, with some bribery. Our one and only X Ray lab had gone out of business about five months prior. So, it is very difficult to determine what cause Donna’s paralysis. We can only know that it is most probably degenerative disease due to her badly malnourished start in life because she does not have any indication of viral infection.

Our only choice was CT scan, and it is impossible. Human has to pay up to USD 15,000 – that is fifteen million Indonesia Rupiah – to get one, let alone a cat.

Our only chance is acupuncture, which our regular vet (the only clinic that can do veterinary acupuncture) offered me to learn while taking Donna for treatment twice a week, free of charge, because they know I will do it to the best interest of animals across town who would otherwise have no hope.

Though the lesson is free, Donna’s treatment is not. We were drained very fast and since we survived only from donation, we ran out of option, and hope.

We were at our last dime and already out of cat food when Laura Simpson wrote about Cheza the Starbucks kitten, one of our new comer, and all of a sudden, we’re saved.

No one can understand why tears were running freely from my cheek, with Donna watching up and meow ever so gently with her soft tunes, trying to ease my choking breaths.

No one can understand why I hold my relentlessly pinging cellphone so hard while trembling, trying to hold myself together.

But let me tell you, I am crying because of you. You all give us hope; you all give us life. No matter the amount, you bring us back from our grave.

Let me tell you, I am trembling because of you. For very, very long time I have never again experience the wave of kindness and generosity poured down on us. For very, very long time, I have receded and accept that death is imminent, and that one day, probably very soon, I would have to concede and open my door, so those who lived under our roof can find their own path from then on. Your outpouring gift turned our world around, and instead of death, I know now that life is just as near, and that the blind and the tripod and the one eyed and the old and the small and the sick, will not find their ripper just yet.

Let me tell you, that it was not sadness and desperation that broke me apart, it’s your love that crushes me as your mercy deliver us anew.

Let me tell you, that I choked not because of desolation, but relief, because Donna and many like her will have a chance at life, though we live in a land that does not care.

And for all of those, and many, many more I cannot possibly put in good enough words, I bow my head on behalf of The Whiskers’ Syndicate and countless more on the street to say: Thank you.

Thank you beyond any words can conceive. Thank you beyond any gesture can convey. Thank you.

We hope you all live long and prosper, just like all the strayed, abused, neglected souls that you have deliver from hell and put back to earth.

Thank you.

~ Josie

PS: Below is Donna on her third successful treatment earlier today. She can bend her hind leg and sit straight long enough without tumbling to her side. You can click the picture to see clearly, but if you are averse to see so many needles stuck on a cat, I think you should just read our letter, share or give, if you are able. Click below (work with your gadget and everything is encrypted). Every amount of your gift will be doubled if made by Wednesday, Aug 3, 2016.

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