Chaos ensued at The Whiskers’ Syndicate.

I was disgusted at the dirty walls of our living room and remembered that I have remnants of old paints from our renovation two years ago.

I went to the storage and pulled out a can of white paint, and noticed that the cap was so rusty, I can poke a hole on it with one finger.

That’s fine. I can work on it. I can buy some tint from material shop nearby and make it some sort of beige or yellow or light blue. Maybe pink? I can even make it calico because it’s a bit troublesome to make a tabby.

So I brought the can and walk along the sanctuary “hallway” down to the house.

I didn’t see Sierra stalking behind me.

She has this notion that I am a very tall and very soft cat tree. She often stalk me and lunge from the back, planting her nails into my flesh. Usually just as high as my legs but a couple of times, she landed on my head, or my shoulder, asking for piggyback ride.

If it’s my legs, that’s fine. I have enough damaged jeans to protect me. but my back only have T shirt.

But there she was, lunged at me, and landed on my neck.

She is six kilos (12 lbs) round bellied fresh cat.

I didn’t know which one happened first. But I yelped, screamed “ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (yes, with that many exclamation marks), and fall to the back.

Sierra slid down, scratching my back, I exclaimed more ouch, and the paint flew over.

And then, Sierra turned white (she is white and silver tabby) and the rest of the Syndicate who follows me turned spotty.

The washing machine turned spotty

The door turned spotty

The window turned spotty

The water bucket for drinks turn whitey

Neo the black cat turned spotty
Kibble (with all her luxurious hair!!!!) turned spotty
Jack turned spotty
Freed turned whitey
Siegfried is half white and half yellow tabby

The rest of the sanctuary turned paw print-y

So I cancelled all my schedule, and turn myself hose-y

First I hose myself down. Then I hose Sierra back to her silver tabby, then Jack, then Freed and the one who got the most hose and turn most angry was Kibble.

And then I scrubbed the sanctuary, and then I scrubbed the door, the washing machine, the window.

And spend 1500 liters (396.2581 US gallons) of water

Plus six loads of laundry.

Meanwhile, Stardust Bowie the Flame Point Siamese mix sat by the window sill, watching me.


~ Josie

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