Imagine: she is someone’s pet. She is loved, she is cared for. She is clean and well fed, she has nothing to worry about.

Imagine: all of a sudden all that happy world, the calm days, the warm night was taken away from her overnight, and the next thing she knows, she is alone, on the street. Burned by the sun, frozen by the night wind, no roof, no bed.

But life goes on, and so should she.

Imagine: fending off for herself, in an unknown world, with nothing but instinct, and her four tired legs. No more food bowl, no more clean water. Only garbage, just a puddle.

But life goes on, and so should she.

Imagine:an uninvited misfortune, too slow for an incoming car, sleeping under wrong vehicle, or seeking warmth on wrong car. It could be failing to escape a vicious dog, or a drunkard. Lost one leg, barely alive,

But life goes on, and so should she.

Imagine: giving birth to a litter, season after season, but unable to care for her children just like other cats. Watching them got carried away by naughty kid, watching them drown in the flood, watching them wander too far and got lost, watching them starving to death because she can no longer hunt.

But life goes on, and so should she.

Imagine: having to rely on her one and only surviving kitten. Having to teach him how to hunt, while she herself can’t. Still no roof, still under the rain, still hungry, still nothing

But life goes on, and so should she.

Imagine: a bag of fragrant food, that she faintly remember from long gone days, the one she thought she couldn’t even hope anymore. One piece, after another. It’s like a dream.

Imagine: the arm of a human, that she used to know, that she probably almost forgotten

Imagine: a house full of cats, annoying, noisy, cramped, but it’s a house none the less, plentiful food none the less, clean and fresh water none the less, warm and fluffy mat none the less. Away from the scorching sun, the raging flood, the night breeze, the vicious dog.

Life goes on, so should she.

Imagine: losing her one and only son, the one who keep her sustenance, the one and only company.

Life goes on, so should she.

Imagine: she missed her boy so much, that all of the wall around her heart is crumbling, the pride is crumbling, the distance is going. So, maybe just once, maybe there is one among the crowd that can understand her, love her, like her son would, like she would her son. And then one day, a lonely orphan approached, and it felt just right.

Life goes on, so should she.

Imagine: watching her go about her daily life, learning to love again, learning to live again, into the moment, out of her reservation. Exploring, jumping, cuddling. Her fur is white and her patches are bright.

Imagine: her sniffing around when she follows you, with trust and curiosity mixing like a promise of a new heaven.

Imagine: how life went out of the rail and corrected itself.

Life goes on, and so does she.

Imagine: all of those unfolding, like a flower blooming in the first day of spring, in front of you. I can see it in her eyes, I can hear it in her purrs. The water that trickles, one drop after another, through the rock, through the desert, underground, in the stream, into the mud, falling, through the forest and one day, the ocean.

Life goes on, and so does she.

And then I remember why I am doing what I am doing. I remember why I want to give the best. I remember why I am trying the hardest. I remember why I give.

I cannot promise, sometimes, life fails me as well.

But life goes on, and so should we.

~ Josie

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