Those of you that have been with The Whiskers’ Syndicate for a while will probably remember these photos from the flood of 2013-2014. Our beloved Mobsters were literally being wash away with their home. Thanks to many of you we raised about $5000 to fix up the sanctuary and add drainage so this wouldn’t happen again.

Jump ahead to March of 2016 and torrential rainstorms with 112 mph winds. There are not too many homes that can withstand that and so it shouldn’t surprise us that leaks have appeared in the roof. As we all know, small leaks can become large leaks which can lead to a roof needing to be completely replaced rather than just repaired.

Before we have another $5000 that we need to raise to replace a roof, let’s raise $500 for the repairs. I know it’s a lot to ask but we really need to raise a total of $1000 this week…$500 for the cats and $500 to ensure the sanctuary stays a safe place for Josie and the Mobsters.

There’s a $120 matching challenge going on right now that no one has taken advantage of so that means we still need to raise all $1000 and we are heading into Tuesday.

Please, please help keep our beloved ones safe. It’s easy to make a donation:

1. Click the donate button on The Whiskers’ Syndicate‘s Facebook page

2. Go to PayPal and send a donation to JBaskia@aol.com (Lori) or whiscraft@gmail.com (Miguel/Josie)

3. Donate at www.paypal.me/whiskerssyndicate



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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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