I woke up to Kim’s message asking about our situation just a few hours after the tsunami warning is off my weather local app Thursday afternoon (Wednesday morning in most of the northern hemisphere) A few hours prior, a huge earthquake about 8.3 Richter shook the sea bottom off the coast of Sumatra. Our left hand side of the map.

And then after few hours, another warning about earthquake, 5.3 Richter near Malang, a hillside town just like Bandung on the other side of the island. Our right hand side of the map

I wonder.

By the end of the day, Bandung people were almost all complimenting the nice weather and cursing the non stop rain we had in the days before. It’s in their nature. They curse the rain in the rainy season and curse the sun in the summer. I thank God He doesn’t listen to all the prayers all the time.

Well, the day is nice, none the less; especially Friday morning. The sun is warm, but not the usual scorching, we had cool breeze and the cats were sunning like a bunch of seals across the coast of Canada. It was almost like Vancouver at the threshold of autumn.

By noon, however, it was so hot the plants welted under the sun. The wind died, yet the air was heavy and sticky. Growing up in a city by the beach, I know it’s the salt from the ocean.

Birds were quiet, and the day feels like it had a hard time rolling.
The cats were restless and the kittens anxious. They follow me everywhere. I looked like pied piper. I knew it then that we weren’t that lucky. I realize it then that it’s the calm before the storm and whatever is approaching us after a tsunami won’t be good.

I rolled down the blinds at the back, removed the water bowl and moved all the toys inside. I pull out all the parachute and cover the pumps. With Kittens trying to keep me inside the house, I rushed out of the house. I had planned to wait several hours or until the sun is about to set to deliver some pending order, and pick up cat food. I changed my mind.

The rain came blasting on the last leg of my journey home. It’s a blessing in disguise. With twenty pounds of cat food, I can stay grounded against the running water and slippery road.

I wore a water resistant shirt, water resistant jacket and a raincoat on top, and arrived home wet down to my underwear. 112 mph wind carried debris and all into the house and slammed water onto the window and the door and through the blinds and some managed to get in. The roof that doesn’t leak is dripping from the joints. I turned the electricity off and use the emergency lamps because I don’t know if the water would come into the attic and we have electrical wire up there and the lightning was scary. Cats jumped off the floor every time the thunder blared. I changed raincoat and get right into work drying things up and checked on the drainage. With red raincoat and hat hunching under the rain, I must have looked like Paddington Bear. Except the bear is cuter.

We have Friday night dinner under sprinkler.

From noon to midnight. Twelve hours straight, and the rain stopped. I jumped out of bed immediately, put on my jacket and hit the road barely able to contain my worry for the ferals.

One kitten is missing, but since she wears collar starting two weeks ago, I hoped the one who adopted her get her inside the house. The sick one I pay close attention of is OK. Two fluffy black cats are OK. They belong to my neighbors actually, and my neighbors let them out at night when there is no traffic so they can run and play more freely (houses at the back are smaller) but they always follow me around when I am out with the strays. Who doesn’t like tuna? Even Trump love it.

The cats uphill greeted me with loud meows. “Gosh! So glad you’re here!” “Storm was crazy!” The ones in the cemetery were all wet but safe. I am glad instead of the usual pouches, I went out with big cans. Two boxes of them.

The cats finally calmed down at 2 am in the morning, Saturday, March 5, 2016, Western Indonesia Time, GMT + 7. I need to get up at 4 so I spend the two hours calm reading and thank you every one who send us well wishes and exchange hope for Bernie Sanders (thanks Lindsey! I am feeling the Bern from across the ocean!).

Thank you very much everyone. It’s been exhausting and worrisome but you and your prayers and comments and support keeps me focusing on what I can and should do instead of worrying over things I can’t control.

Today is another day. Hopefully calmer; though not for me. I have tons of garbage washed and slammed into my house, so it’s Happy #caturday for you, and #letsmove for me

~ Josie

PS 1. Here are the cats after the storm subside. Some dried sooner, some is still in the middle of drying themselves up. Surely the best antidepressant has furs and legs (and snorts)

PS 2. Please scroll the photos down to the last one. The winner is always at the end of the parade

PS 3. Weekend is always quiet and you probably want to spend money for yourself, but if some changes turn out loose, we have the can down below

PS. I Love You

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