I saw a little calico kitten crying on the roadside on my way down to the city. I asked the motorbike taxi to stop and I ran back because Monday’s memory rushed out and my adrenaline responded; but the kitten ran into the house behind her out of fear. I waited for a while but she didn’t get out. I knew she was there though, so I keep calm, left a tall mound of Whiskas and carry on.

On my way back that night it was raining. I can’t help but keep watching on that fence where the kitten was, but the meow comes from the other side. I passed by with the motorbike taxi, dropped whatever bulk I carried and run back down. Monday in mind. I have no idea how the kitten managed to cross the street, because it’s very dense and scary despite the small width, but I when I got to the spot, I immediately start looking under the bushes for a terrorized white bundle of fur.

My mind was befuddled because I keep hearing meows but no white fluff in sight. The voice was so close!

I sat on the road and sigh. I swear that meow was next to me but I can’t see anything.

But that’s when I saw a grey and black fluff running from under one bush to another.

Stupid me, why didn’t I realize that it could be other kitten?

I squatted and coax the kitten out with some pieces of meat. She meows and hiss but she got out under the rain for the meat. She must be starving. I sacked her while she was busy chewing and ran back at home. It’s cold and I don’t like soaking like teabag in the pot.

I had a hard time carrying her though, because she kept struggling and crying. She tried to bite but my canvas bag fabric will get in the way, so I sing to keep my mind focused, and hopefully calm her down (unlikely. I am not a siren for that matter)

The only song that popped in mind at that time:

Too ra loo ra loo ra
Too ra loo ra lai
Too ra loo ra loo ra
Hush, you don’t you cry.

Too ra loo ra loo ra
Too ra loo ra lai
Too ra loo ra loo ra
It’s an Irish Lullaby

Three rounds and she calmed down, so I can walk faster.

She ran and vanished behind the air purifier and stay there for the rest of the night, though I can barely contain my curiosity when I heard her chewing while grumbling in the corner. She was so hungry she hold on to that piece of meat when I sacked her.

The other kittens runs around and play in the living room where she hid after dinner, and I saw her peeking out. She went back to hiding when she saw me drying up my hair watching them.

The next morning I found her sound asleep on top of one of the boxes, out in the open.

So much for precaution.


~ Josie

Thank you everyone for sending your thoughtful gift in Dusty’s memory. We are matched now so I can breathe easier because the cat’s food will be paid. There is a virus outbreak in Bandung; the same virus that killed Dusty. Torbie and Bridges (used to be Brigitte) got out of it but Liam, Tippy Eileen, Wina, Eli, and two other kittens are still on their way. I cannot get a job because I spend the whole day caring for them so hopefully God be gracious and we can score a little bit more before the week ends.

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