For two weeks, or three? My brain is a mess, I was trying to muster up a good name of the latest mobstress. The three legged mama and her son.

About ten days ago I keep seeing the son went away from mommy and go play with other kittens. They got along well, and although mommy keep her eyes on her only gem, she just sit there comfortably on her favorite mat watching the kittengarden.

Mom and son are healthy, have good appetite, licked themselves clean and gained 2 pounds each.

I took it as a good sign so last week I made an arrangement for the mama to be checked and both vaccinated.

Just the night before the scheduled visit, I thought I’d call the mom Thelma (THrEe Legged MAma) and Louis (it’s a boy, it can’t be Louise). I call them with that name and they seemed to be content with it.

Thelma handled it like a queen mother. She walked by herself, with huge confident, right into the clinic and believe it or not, the usually uncaring people made way for her.

Behind her was me carrying her boy. Louis looked like a prince straight out of Versailles and I looked like… um… maid.

It was uneventful. Some meowing, some protest from the little prince and mom eyeballing the vet, but that was it. We all go home in peace.

At night the son got a little bit of a fever. I felt his temp was a little high, so I notify the vet and we both agree to cool him off, and see how it goes the next day. It’s just natural for any cat or dog, or animals to get discomfort after vaccination and they are healthy so I am not too worried about it.

Before I gave in to the night, I saw him headbutting his mommy and mommy gave him a few lick and caresses, so I think everything is going to be all right.

But the heat didn’t go down the next day, so to speed up the journey I bring just the son back to the vet.

After that, we all roll down the cliff. His fever got higher, he was dehydrated, he has organ failures, and all of us went all over places like panicked chicken in the coop trying to counter whatever next symptom that comes up.

By the evening, just when we thought he was stabilized, little prince got a few second of seizure, and went up to heaven.

I was stunned, the vets were stunned. We did it by the book, we checked before and we checked after,and we still don’t know what’s going on.

I showed the three legged mom her son and I can’t stop apologizing.

I know it’s not my fault, in term that it’s a standard procedure. Everyone done it and although we are aware that there are risk in every medical action, I still feel like I am a shameless murderer. I still feel like I am a monster for taking away a disabled mother’s only son, and kill him behind her back and even show her the corpse.

His mom looked at her son, gave him some licks, and two headbutts, and look at me, and sigh, and close her eyes.

I didn’t know what her son might be telling her the night before when I look at them the last time before I sleep. I didn’t know if they conversed out of my sight, but I think the mom knew.

I think the son tell her that his mission is accomplished, that his duty to take care and protect his mom has been done, and that everything will be fine, so he’ll move up a few ranks and goes to the next mission.

I think I am just trying to run away from my sin; and my guilt.

But it does seems like the mom knew, and she handled it better than I do. She looked at me when I took the boy away for cremation, she remained calm, she didn’t panic when her boy never returned.

Life goes on and so does she.

Thelma used to reject kittens who tried to get near her or her baby, but after that night, she welcome them like member of family. She let them cuddle near her at night, she share her mat, and she eventually clean them up and everybody love her extra wet licks (whenever I see a kitten with wet head, I know it’s Thelma)

She also takes the liberty of taking over all the counters available. I hate her when she teach every single kitten in my house to climb the counter, but when she look at me, I know she is queen mother, and I am just her maid.

So I bare with it and took her down whenever I need the counter. The rest of the time, she is free to sleep however she likes.

~ Josie


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