It’s a special day today; it’s the first Caturday in 2016.

When our friend Karen coined and suggested The Whiskers’ Syndicate’s $5 Caturday two years ago, we have more skepticism than optimism.

The idea is simple and very very very doable: ask everyone to donate 5 Dollars every Saturday. How hard that can be? Five Dollars means nothing for the average middle class in most part of the world, not only Americans; but it means the world for us because the exchange rate to Indonesian Rupiah is always ten thousand times lower. Meaning, 5 Dollars in US or UK or European currency, means at least 50 thousand Indonesian Rupiahs. That’s one day meal for five cats.

The skepticism is because there’s not much people coming online on Saturday and the rest of weekends to read our message. So what is the point of shouting into the Sahara?

But Karen did it anyway. She write, and she use her photography and image rendering magical skill into use in that only day when she is off work.

And people give. Only one or two at first, then more. And then she jumped out of our bandwagon to channel her own vision and use her skills to help countless of shelter cats and dogs where she lives and to respect and appreciate her legacy, I come online on the only day I can get off work (I work at Sundays too).

People still not come online during Saturdays, except for a few, but the magic is that we have a lot more special cases on Caturdays than any other day. There’s the flood disaster befell on our sanctuary two years ago and in at least six Caturdays, we have to raise emergency funds for drowned kittens. Two survived until adulthood, There’s the case of Estebel, who was dumped in front of the office building where I work and need to be whisked out of sight and transported home before the small dilapidated security post where she lives were bulldozed, and an unlikely errand boy (usually he never help me, nor care about animals) would call me and tip me off the event. And then there’s Chiko, a 12 years old grandma cat living on the street in a small village between Bogor and Jakarta carrying mammary gland tumor until her stomach burst out.

Her story is one of the most magical caturday ever. The plea of a villager home maker mother who doesn’t know what is going on, asking around what to give the street cat she used to feed, picked up by an office worker on her way back to Jakarta, posted on her facebook, picked up by a university student who copied and pasted Chiko’s sad condition to all of her friends’ facebook page, picked up by another student who forwarded the note to The Whiskers’ Syndicate.

And instead of fund raising for The Whiskers’ Syndicate, I deleted all my post and write about Chiko.

We; you and me, shocked everyone by raising USD 250 in ten minutes, the words buzzed and the worker drove back to the small village and Chiko got her life saving surgery. 250 is nothing, looking at how charities raise tens of thousands of Dollars in a matter of days, but it’s a precedence never before happened in the whole history of charity in Indonesia; and the fact that that amount of money raised for a street cat is even more of a shock. We swept everyone off their feet when they found out it was done by middle class commoner instead of celebrities.

Chiko live well and pampered, free from tumor, away from the street she has been living on for 12 years, until she died of old age 6 months later.

But that’s Indonesia. We have little room for charity, we have little room for compassion, we have little room for everything other than the profanity with which we clothed, we eat, we drive, and we sleep in. We have years of corrupted order governing us, and it will take us probably another century to cut off the chain of rottenness in our heart if our current president succeeded in getting us out of this hell.

And this is The Whiskers’ Syndicate, still trying to do our best for gazillion more of the street cats like Chiko, and Mona, and Ellie, and Monday, and Jack, and Samson, and Liam. We have little room for luxury, much less room for hope, but just like Karen’s faith open the path to many miracles for unfortunate animals when she first started our 5 Dollars Caturday, we are casting our faith upon you to come through for the better days many other.

We only have 400 something followers when Karen started; we have a wee bit over one thousand now, if only 10 percent of our supporter donate 5 Dollars, we can ensure the safety and fulfillment of the rest of The Whiskers’ Syndicate for another week. We hope you are one of those few good men.

~ Josie

1. Click the donate button on The Whiskers’ Syndicate‘s Facebook page

2. Go to PayPal and send a donation to JBaskia@aol.com (Lori) or whiscraft@gmail.com (Miguel/Josie)

3. Follow this link to make a donation: www.paypal.me/whiskerssyndicate


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