After the last couple of weeks, I can without a doubt say, I do believe in angels and those angels are all of you that helped ensure the Mobsters had what they needed during the holidays…even while spending time with your families. I’m going to let you all in on a little secret, because of all of your hard work, our Josie actually got a full 8 hours of sleep one night. She wasn’t worrying about having funds to feed cats or provide medical care or help the street cats. It’s been years that she has actually slept for a full 8 hours.

So, yes, the last few weeks of 2015 were a success in fundraising and Josie is going to hold on to some of what was raised for emergencies, but she can only do that is we stay on track this week and next and the week after that and so on.

More good news. The rains have finally started so Bandung is finally cooling down. Unfortunately, that is a mixed blessing for with the rain and cooler weather coming on the heals of the oven temperatures, it will mean sick cats and emergency visits to the vet and subcu fluids. It won’t be long before the first kittens of 2016 emerge from the dens their mothers made for them, which will mean sick kittens all over the city. We know our Josie. This will mean days of bringing home babies. Some will make is and some won’t despite Josie spending sleepless nights to care for them. Then there will also be the current babies that will be old enough by Easter time to be spayed/neutered.

You get the idea. It’s a never ending cycle in rescue. Rescue, care for, provide medical care, provide nutritious food, more vet care, clean litter, more food and supplements, on and on it goes. But the cycle only continues if there is money to provide the food, the support, the litter and the vet care.

We have had no donations since Friday, which doesn’t get this week off to a good start so I am reaching out to you, The Whiskers’ Syndicate Angels, and asking you to please continue your support and help us with our weekly goal of at least $500.

It’s easy to donate, just choose your favorite method:

1. Click the donate button on The Whiskers’ Syndicate‘s Facebook page
2. Go to PayPal and send a donation to JBaskia@aol.com (Lori) or whiscraft@gmail.com (Miguel/Josie)
3. Follow this link to make a donation: www.paypal.me/whiskerssyndicate



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